Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am: Player Profiles

Are you pumped for the first ever Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am Tournament?? We certainly are. In collaboration with Complexity-Limit and Keystone Masters, we can’t wait to bring together some amazing talent in the WoW community to support five outstanding charity organizations: AbleGamers, Equal Justice Initiative, Girls Who Code, The Trevor Project, and U.S.VETS.

Here we have compiled player bios for you to get to know the players on each team.

If you want to participate in this tournament, don’t forget to register here.

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Representing: U.S.VETS
Region: North America

Professional Players:

My name is Imfiredup and I like streaming and dogs. Most people know me from being the world record holder for the most world records in wow. Currently under the tool belt are records for Horrific Visions in Orgrimmar and Stormwind for 8.0.1 AND 8.2 (including no mask and 5 mask categories for each zone (I unfortunately only have Orgrimmar achieved for Shadowlands)). In Shadowlands, I hold the records for the duo, trio, and quintet leveling speedruns from 50-60 with no cheats, only quests, no dungeons, ceiling cam and keyboard cam categories. Unofficially I also hold the solo, duo, and quintet Torghast Layer 8 records for every single Torghast wing.

PREREAD FOR GOING FORWARD: although the person below me has the same profile picture, we are actually different people.

This is a person. This guy is a Canadian currently known as the most accomplished leveling speedrunner. Simultaneously holding the records for the duo, trio, and cinqo questing only 50-60 while being indoors with the window open categories.


My name is Towelliee and I'm an OG of Justin/twitch streaming WoW for the past 11 years. I have been Tanking since the first day of Vanilla and it is all I love to do. The Hammer Squad community is one of the best on Twitch and I can't wait to have fun running Mythic+ for charity.


Representing: Equal Justice Initiative
Region: North America

Professional Players:

Hey my name is Hunttay (or Tyler) and I'm from North Carolina. I've been playing WoW since 2006, right before BC came out. While my roots are spamming Hemorrhage in random BGs as a Rogue, I've been maining Priest since MoP. I currently raid in vodka, and am a known FotM reroller when it comes to dungeons. I competed in both BFA MDIs, making it as far as Globals in the second season (proud namer of Goosy Bad). I've recently graduated from university and currently in pandemic job search limbo. I love donuts, coffee, transmog, Little Mix, and unhealthily binging entire TV shows in a day.

Hey I’m Eddie from Eastern PA. I guess if I had to pick a main it’d be Hunter but I play pretty much everything. In the past, I’ve lost a lot of MDI matches (and won a couple too) with a few different teams playing Rogue, DK, Monk, Hunter, Prot Warrior and probably some others I’ve missed. Lately I started getting into raiding at a higher level, first with Vision this tier and now moving into BDGG for the upcoming Sanctum of Domination raid.

I’ve been playing WoW since just before TBC launched but was a pretty casual player up until Legion, when I started at least Mythic Raiding. I started playing back then to do some casual raiding with my friends in high school. Somehow there were like 10-15 of us all gaming together, so yeah we all failed a few classes that first semester when we discovered Azeroth.

I’ve mostly held random jobs for work in my life, from outside sales to social media management, and even as a cable runner for network installations at retail stores. Lately I’ve somehow been able to survive through streaming on Twitch so that’s been pretty sick!

We were asked to speak about how cats are the cutest things ever, but I’ve always felt really weird about lying so I don’t think we’ll be covering that anymore today.

I chose to support the Equal Justice Initiative as our charity quite simply because I believe in what they do. I grew up in a super diverse environment and saw a lot of messed up stuff firsthand.


Xyronic is no stranger to the competitive Mythic+ scene, being one of the main casters for the MDI. He currently raids in world first guild Complexity-Limit as a DPS main. Xyro can actually see John Cena, and is able to recognize Tony Hawk in public. Legends say he can even cut onions without crying. Xyro once competed on America’s Got Talent but unfortunately “mad Warlock DPS” didn’t qualify as a talent.


Representing: Girls Who Code
Region: North America

Professional Players:

Synecdoche is an erstwhile washed-up MDI has-been who scraped onto the broadcast in 2019 by the skin of his teeth as the tank for the Big Dumb Guild squad. I've played a number of DPS and Tank specs throughout the -- (checks notes) -- sixteen years?! since patch 1.4.0 came out, culminating in a brief stint as a borderline-competent Rogue main in Legion and BFA. My first character was a human Warlock, but when poor Tellurion was slain by some kobolds in the Fargodeep mine and I couldn't find my way back to my body, I just deleted the guy and "FF go next"'d.

Professionally, I am an applied mathematician and software engineer - in a past job at Google X I was responsible for sailing high altitude balloons around the planet on stratospheric winds to provide internet coverage to remote areas, but currently I'm a mathematics and computer science teacher at a small independent school. I love mathematical modelling and problem solving and am a committer to the SimulationCraft project - my pet project is improving APL support for dungeon content as well as engine support for various things. I've decided to support Girls Who Code as my non-profit because I love the work they do and their values line up very closely with my own. I'm not a streamer or content creator, just a goofy quiet mid-millennial who enjoys slaying dragons with the squad, so if you're looking to support an underdog team in this event, give me and Naesam a watch!

Hi! I’m Naesam/Sham. My real name is Trevor, I’m 23 years old, and I’m incredibly boring in real life. I started playing WoW at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, but didn’t take it too seriously until Warlords of Draenor.

I’m most known for playing Elemental Shaman in BDGG, and my YouTube series “Pugging My Way Up,” which I’m currently doing again with my girlfriend Tanja (on the right in the photo). I’ve come to really appreciate the personalities and the unpredictability of the pug world; this tournament spoke directly into my soul.

Synecdoche and I qualified for two MDI cups back in BFA, between those two cups we won exactly one map. I fully intend to tell my grandkids about that time we won in freehold. This also means I’m a seasoned veteran at getting clapped, which I suspect will come in handy in this tournament.


My name is Kalamazi! I was given the title “Warlock Beast” by none other than Scripe himself. I am a lean 320 pounds of pure, unadulterated Florida Man. I am also a full-time streamer and creator with content based in PVE/Warlock game play. You might also know me from casting the Complexity-Limit RWF event in both Ny'alotha and Castle Nathria.


Representing: Girls Who Code
Region: North America

Professional Players:

Hello, my name is Tin and I competed in MDI in 2019 during BFA where we won the Spring finals in Australia and placed second at Blizzcon. My focus in the game now is pushing keys to the highest levels and casually raiding with the best guild on Area 52, Twitch Prime. I'm currently a full-time streamer but prior to this I was a consultant for a software development company. I'm also a full-time dad to a baby girl so I spend my time leading a bunch of children in game and one in real life.

Hey everyone, my name is Kendall. I'm 29 years old and I live in California! Inside of WoW, I’ve been a competitive raider since BC and an avid Mythic+ pusher since its creation. Outside of WoW, I'm a studio violinist, post production director, and designer/web developer. As a coder myself, I’ve seen first hand how difficult it can be for women to break into that industry, so we decided to play for Girls Who Code to help them in their mission to close the gender gap in technology.


Hello, I'm Jak or Dan Anzenberger IRL. I'm from Northern VA where I got my Bachelor's in Finance but I now live in Texas like 60% of the other streamers on Twitch and stream full-time. I'm a Priest main and have been playing WoW non-stop since Firelands. My coworker got me into WoW and originally I played a Rogue before I made a Priest in Mists of Pandaria and fell in love with healing. I now raid for Lazarus Imperative W24th, push keys as off-meta healers, host the Mythic Dungeon International event, write guides on Wowhead for Priest, and complain about Spirit Shell and lack of Monk buffs.


Representing: AbleGamers
Region: Europe

Professional Players:

Uhm, my name is Max. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and I think I am 26… 30% of the topping of pizza is pepperoni according to a very scientific google search. Outside of WoW, I don’t really do much. I like Pizza. I am also renowned for being the best tank in the world so I won't be tanking as that would be unfair for the competition Also, Pizza is great.

Sjele (Sivert) is from Norway. While Sjele plays the “meta” classes for Mythic+ tournaments, he is known for playing Warlock and other off-meta classes in high keys on live servers. Sjele enjoys not taking long walks on the beach or stepping outside in general. High keys, Pepsi, and guitar keep him happy from the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep.


The name's Russ. Like the rapper but less successful. That changes today though -- boy, I think this paragraph could be my big break! Okay. breathe.

I'm a full-time streamer, part-time washed up WoW player and one-time RWF caster (DM's open btw ;)). I forget which class I main. It might be Rogue, or is it Demon Hunter? No, no. It's gotta be Mage, right? I spend most of my time creating useful content on YouTube for aspiring raiders & future Mythic+ sensations or hanging out with my community on Twitch, which isn't a sex-cult. Okay? Don't believe what people say on the internet... Including me.

I used to raid somewhat seriously back in Legion & BFA, but it has since taken a backseat to making an arse of myself in front of a camera. I do however miss it. In fact, I should use this publicity to say LFG!

Reasons you should be rooting for me in this event:

  • I will serenade you if we win (or if we lose)
  • Nobody will see us coming
  • You look really cute today.


Representing: The Trevor Project
Region: Europe

Professional Players:

I'm JB aka Jdotb aka WoW's oldest e-athlete (36). I recently moved to Tennessee where there is no state income tax. I've been playing WoW since it launched, and I was probably still older than half the people in this tournament back then. I've got a r1 title, some US firsts with Blood Legion, several stints as the top rated healer, and an MDI championship. My first love is resto druid, but we might be breaking up soon. In my spare time I complain on Twitter.

Hi guys my name is Petko (in-game name as well Petko ???!?! ) I am kinda mixed but consider myself mostly Bulgarian and my main class is Shaman. I have recently competed for the World First Race with Echo where we became 2nd in the world, 1st in Europe for the Castle Nathria Race. Previously, I have also competed for Method. My best MDI placing was the MDI 2020 Summer finals. For living, as many of you who follow my stream know, I am a part-time policeman, part-time firefighter and also plumber. In my free time, I like to hang out with my buddies around the Ram Ramch area, we grill sausages and have a good time.


Naguura. God Gamer. Started playing because I was an impressionable young child and transitioned into a goofy older child and kept playing. I am a full-time streamer, caster and content creator for WoW as well as one of the top 5 coolest people in my remote village in the alps that plays WoW. Multiple world first and former MDI competitor...but my biggest achievement so far was finding the transmog tab all by myself for the first time in 2020. FUN FACT: One time I tried to use Oreo filling as a substitute for milk in a recipe.


Representing: AbleGamers
Region: Europe

Professional Players:

Gingi (Mike) is from Denmark and is one of the most prolific Mythic+ competitors in the scene. He is the team captain of multi-MDI championship team Echo (formerly known as Wunderbar and Method EU) and has numerous raiding world-firsts under his belt. Gingi is also passionate about health and fitness and just launched a company called E-Sports Nutrition, featuring two products called Energy Elixir and In Game Food that are designed specifically for gamers.

Naowh (Robin) is a Swedish "elite alpha gamer" whose name derives from rolling his face on his keyboard to result in a piece of IKEA furniture. He has been known to show off a good "floorpov" on any tanking class. Apart from depleting keys and winning the MDI with Gingi, he enjoys being lazy and watching Netflix on the sofa or golfing.


I’m a Swedish streamer who sometimes lives in Stockholm, other times in Azeroth (ha-ha, so funny!). I mainly plays a Warlock, but since being a Warlock outside of raiding is pretty sad, I decided to pick up a holy paladin. My previous MDI experience consists of typing Pog in MDI stream chats. My biggest flex is being top 5 in the achievements (read: no-life) ladder, and having more mounts than a particular somewhat bald streamer. Cats are better than dogs, and banana is delicious on pizza btw.

FUN FACT: The name Fuchsia came after I googled synonyms for pink, the class colour for my first Paladin. I thought that 'fuchsia' sounded pretty.


Representing: Girls Who Code
Region: Europe

Professional Players:

Hello there. I'm Herudra and I'm honored to participate in this event. I'm a soon-to-be teacher that has spent a lot of time playing games and hope to use my experience in gaming to support educating people. I've participated in the MDI throughout Legion and BFA peaking with my MDI victory together with Kjells Angels at the end of Legion. When I occasionally get away from my computer, I enjoy spending time with a book, playing board games with friends, or hanging out with my parents' dogs, which we all know is the superior animal. I enjoy learning about sciency stuff. Most recently, I've been fascinated by the technicalities of aircraft, but astrophysics and development of orbital rockets have fascinated me for a while and I try to keep somewhat up to date.

Yo, my name's Rads and I like absorbing damage so my friends don't have to (assuming I obtain and maintain aggro). I've played MDI a couple of times as a for fun type thing and I'm currently raiding in Echo. My favorite color is peach because I like the smoothness and I love stuffed peppers. Bees are important because they pollinate approximately 130 agricultural crops in the US including fruit, fiber, nut, and vegetable crops. I'm Bulgarian and I think it's a cool country with cool places.


Hello! My Name is Wildi or Tom and I’m from Germany. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since I was 8 Years Old. I stopped playing during Legion (Emerald Nightmare) after my Dream to become "professional" was kinda interrupted/stopped there. I started playing again in BFA (Eternal Palace) and since then I try to push the hardest as Mage. People know me for being a big clown that never stops talking. I raid in the World 3 Guild Pieces and besides that i'm pursuing the title of the highest Mage in the world on Raider.IO. I also Stream the stuff I do in WoW and try to be Entertaining while doing that. I think i'm just at the start of my "career" and hope for a great competition for a good cause.