Keystone Masters is BACK with an All New Event!

Dungeon enthusiasts rejoice!...for Keystone Masters is returning once more, bringing yet another new format to the table! The folks at KSM are excited to bring you the Keystone Masters: GAUNTLET!

Keystone Masters has teamed up with the guys over at Diabolus Esports to find the strongest dungeoneers in all of the land, and have set up a fiendish challenge to test your might! This event will take place on the Tournament Realm over three days, and is open to all players with a World of Warcraft account in good standing. However, your team will have to first battle your way through the proving grounds and show you’ve got the mettle to be one of the top 8 teams to be thrown into the jaws of the GAUNTLET!

The Proving Grounds

The proving grounds will consist of 2 “Rounds”. Each Round will consist of 1 Dungeon. At the start of each Round, the Dungeon and its affixes will be communicated to all participating teams at the same time. From that point forward, your team will have 45 minutes - the practice period - to prepare your party composition, route, and to get in any practice.

Once the allocated 45 minute practice period has concluded, all participating teams will simultaneously begin their 1 “Official Attempt” of that Dungeon. The fastest 16 teams from Round 1 will move on to compete in Round 2 of the proving grounds, and the fastest 8 teams from Round 2 will move forward to face off against each other in the Keystone Masters: GAUNTLET itself!

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet will consist of 7 Rounds. In the same format as the proving grounds, each Round will consist of 1 Dungeon. At the start of each Round, the Dungeon and its affixes will be communicated to all participating teams at the same time. Teams will have the same allotted 45 minute practice period to prepare their composition, routes, and to get in any practice within the Dungeon itself as desired.

After the 45 minute practice period concludes, all participating teams in the Round will simultaneously begin their 1 “Official Attempt” in the required Dungeon. The team that takes the longest time to complete the Dungeon in any given Round will be eliminated, with the remaining teams moving forward in the Gauntlet to the next Round. This elimination process will continue until only 2 teams are left to battle it out in the final Dungeon, with the fastest team being crowned the Conquerors of the Gauntlet, and Azeroth’s Greatest Dungeon Heroes!

Affixes for the Dungeons will be a mixture of those pre-determined by KSM organizers, Viewer’s Choice affixes, as well as Team Choice affixes! Additionally, the Keystone Level may fluctuate from Round to Round. The Gauntlet will throw a wide array of challenges towards any who enter its clutches, so be prepared for anything!

Schedule of Events

SignupsOPEN NOW until Monday, April 26. Click HERE to join!
The Proving GroundsFriday, May 7th at 10am PST (7pm CEST)
Tournament Day 1Saturday, May 8th at 10am PST (7pm CEST)
Tournament Day 2Sunday, May 9th at 10am PST (7pm CEST)

You can watch the event LIVE on the Diabolus Twitch Channel

Prize Pool

We are excited to offer competitors a chance to win a share of $7,000.00 USD!

Team PlacementTotal Prize
1st Place$2,000.00 USD
2nd Place$1,600.00 USD
3rd Place$1,300.00 USD
4th Place$1,100.00 USD
5th & 6th Place$500.00

The winning team will also get the opportunity to have their Twitch channels featured on the front page of Raider.IO for a week! (Any members of the winning team interested in this opportunity will have their Twitch channels embedded on the front page of Raider.IO, with each member getting approximately the same amount of time allocated on the embed over the course of one week).


Signups are OPEN NOW! Interested in participating? Grab your team of 5-6 players together and fill out the application form here to register!

Signups will CLOSE on Monday, April 26th at Midnight PST (9am CEST).

For more information, please check out the Rulebook here.

To learn more about the Keystone Masters organization, check out our Inside Look into Community Competitive Mythic+ Organizations here.