The Weekly Route: Fortified, Inspiring, Storming, and Prideful

This week’s affixes are Fortified, Inspiring, Storming, and Prideful.

It’s another Push Week for high keys - these affixes are challenging and can be very punishing if mishandled, but if they’re handled well they don’t add much time to the dungeon, nor do they contribute extra health or unavoidable damage. For players doing weekly keys, especially in pugs and/or with multiple melee dps in the group, this week can be quite tricky.

Fortunately, there has been another set of dungeon nerfs! This week’s is targetted at tanks (and the Tyrannical affix). These changes should help make some of the toughest packs a little less brutal on the tank, and may reduce the need for kiting.

The Weekly Routes

De Other Side [back to top]

The nerfs mostly hit the mechagon section of this dungeon, with a few pulls right at the start of the wing becoming dramatically less lethal to the tank. Watch out for inspiring - it’s on several High Priests, which means it makes it hard to kick their friends, which include Hexxers - on the face of it, both mobs have a similar heal cast, but the Hexxers’ actually heals for about 7 times as much, so you should use whatever you can to separate the two and land a kick on the Hexxer.

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Halls of Atonement [back to top]

This was the only dungeon to not receive nerfs, so the bears continue to murder tanks - prepare to kite these early and often! Beyond that, not much should pose a unique threat this week.

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Mists of Tirna Scithe [back to top]

One small nerf hit this dungeon - Soulcleavers now do a little less up front damage with Soul Cleave. As with most weeks, this dungeon continues to be a fantastic choice for a weekly key, though there are a few tricky inspiring enemies towards the end of the dungeon that you should have a plan for.

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Plaguefall [back to top]

The Rotting Slimeclaws in here were nerfed to do 50% less damage with Corroded Claws. This makes the difficult pull just before the gauntlet a lot less threatening to the tank - perhaps enough to see that pull added back into the route with skips in future weeks!

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Sanguine Depths [back to top]

A couple of the most difficult mobs for tanks got toned down this week - notably the gargoyles and ghouls that inhabit the ring area of the dungeon are now a lot less deadly. Storming and Inspiring still pose a serious threat in this dungeon so don’t let these nerfs lull you into a false sense of security!

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Spires of Ascension [back to top]

A few minor nerfs hit the spires, most notably the Etherdivers from the left path will now murder your tank at a slightly slower rate. Given that our routes suggest that path, this is good news - though the right path does remain a viable choice if you prefer that option!

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The Necrotic Wake [back to top]

This dungeon saw sweeping nerfs last week, and this week a few minor tank-focused changes join the list, with the Bonecarvers receiving a somewhat confusing change to their bleed - it does much lower base damage but was also fixed to correctly ignore armor (like every other bleed in the game). These mobs remain solid count but the new damage of their bleed needs to be cautiously investigated before we can determine how safe it is to facetank rather than kite them.

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Theater of Pain [back to top]

The brutal 5-pack in the military wing of this dungeon, particularly scary with an Inspiring mob, does get slightly less tough for tanks with this week’s nerfs - Conscripts will now slash somewhat less frequently. This pull remains scary, and the dungeon can be tricky with the narrow corridors and small platforms combined with the Storming affix.

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