The Weekly Route: Fortified, Inspiring, Storming, and Prideful

This week’s affixes are Fortified, Inspiring, Storming, and Prideful.

This week’s affixes are not bad, but Inspiring in particular can throw a wrench into several pulls which may downgrade the week to merely good rather than great. Storming is also an affix that can be punishing if your group is comprised of many melee DPS.

This week we’re running the Break the Meta Push Week Event, where you can win prizes if you compete with a team of entirely off-meta specs (the bottom half by representation). If you want to learn more about those specs’ strengths and weaknesses, check out this article!

The Weekly Routes

De Other Side [back to top]

Watch out for inspiring - it’s on several High Priests, which means it makes it hard to kick their friends, which include Hexxers - on the face of it, both mobs have a similar heal cast, but the Hexxers’ actually heals for about 7 times as much, so you should use whatever you can to separate the two and land a kick on the Hexxer.

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Halls of Atonement [back to top]

Inspired bears threaten to murder tanks - prepare to kite these early and often! Beyond that, not much should pose a unique threat this week.

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Mists of Tirna Scithe [back to top]

As with most weeks, this dungeon continues to be a fantastic choice for a weekly key, though there are a few tricky inspiring enemies towards the end of the dungeon that you should have a plan for. Storming is also something to be cautious of, as it can knock you off the map towards the end of the dungeon if you’re not careful.

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Plaguefall [back to top]

Making good use of the Plagueborers is still very powerful this week, but it can be a little trickier when Inspiring gets added into the mix - be ready to commit extra defensives and externals in spots where you’d normally be able to rely on an AoE stun for defense!

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Sanguine Depths [back to top]

This is probably the trickiest Storming dungeon in the lineup, especially in the ring section where there’s often a ton of ground denial effects and it can be hard to see what’s going on. Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings at all times and have a plan for where you’ll move if a tornado spawns on you!

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Spires of Ascension [back to top]

A good strategy every week, but especially this week with Inspiring active on the mob, is to CC the Mender that’s before the first boss and cleave it down with the Prideful spawn. This can net you some extra damage from picking up its weapons (if you can purge them) onto both the pride and potentially the boss, but this week in particular you need to do this to be able to interrupt the other enemies in the pack!

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The Necrotic Wake [back to top]

Never be afraid to focus damage into Inspiring mobs in this dungeon, as the aura is often the most dangerous thing as it prevents you being able to kite effectively in some spots, or manage the other mobs’ other dangerous effects in other spots. You can also sometimes get away with scary Inspiring pulls through the use of the weapons, so be on the lookout for those time saving opportunities.

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Theater of Pain [back to top]

The brutal 5-pack in the military wing of this dungeon is particularly scary with an Inspiring Captain - if you can burst the captain down then do so, but don’t be afraid to just CC it and kill it later.

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