Post-ban, Hardware Multiboxer "Solos" Waycrest Manor +9

The recent change to Blizzard's Terms of Service regarding multiboxing saw many players pleased and many more assuming that multiboxing itself was now a bannable offense. This isn't the case, however, since it’s only the usage of actual input broadcasting software that is bannable. Multiboxing itself can still continue, albeit under more complicated and difficult circumstances.

Think what you will of multiboxing, as many in the community have very negative feelings about it, but this recent Mythic+ clear by the (appropriately named) MultiDayz is pretty impressive, as he took down Waycrest Manor +9 with his team of 5 Druids named Mondday, Tuesdday, Wednesdday, Thursdday and Fridday. Using hardware methods only (meaning 5 unique desktop computer setups and no mirroring software whatsoever), his 1 Guardian 4 Balance Druid "group" managed to beat the dungeon in just over 15 minutes, snagging a +3 key upgrade along the way.

If you're wondering how exactly MultiDayz’s method of hardware multiboxing works, check out his YouTube video where he demonstrates and explains his method used to take down Waycrest Manor +9:

While most players' complaints about multiboxing focus on the issues it causes in open world scenarios, most are generally okay with instanced runs, although the subject is still controversial and opinions are very strong on both sides. It seems only one thing is for certain though: multiboxing as a practice isn't going anywhere.