BFA World First +30 Bounty

We're happy to announce a collaboration with with Wowhead, Warcraft Logs, Raidbots, and Blizzard to provide a bountiful bounty of rewards for the team that can complete the world first +30 keystone in-time!

How to follow along:

  • You can register for the "Mythic Plus Record Breakers Alert" with our Discord Alerts tool to get notified whenever a team completes a +30 key! (timed or not)
  • We will also have a channel in our Discord that is set to show all +30 key completions, if you don't want to register one on your own server.

How to win:

  • Complete a +30 Junkyard Keystone within the timer
  • Join the Raider.IO Discord
  • Post a link to your run in #general

Rewards for each of the five team members:

Special thanks for Blizzard, Wowhead, Warcraft Logs, and Raidbots for all contributing to this bounty!

Front page stream restrictions: This is to be scheduled before the Shadowlands expansion launches, and will elevate your Twitch stream placement higher on the front page when there are no other ongoing events (such as the Mythic Dungeon International).