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Nov 30 2022 01:01 CET
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About Little Dumb Guild

Little Dumb Guild is a 2 night 3.5 hour per night raid team on Illidan (Wed/Thur 8:30pm est-12am est). The team was started at the beginning of Sepulcher, where we achieved CE in our first tier and moved to become its own guild in Season 4 of Dragonflight.

About Our Guild Philosophy: We are a progression and CE focused guild, we want raiders who prepare themselves well, are mechanically and team orientated, and help foster a positive atmosphere. We listen to our raiders suggestions and feedback; we want to make sure our members are happy, and through this we try to improve constantly. We are a pretty chill group of people; but can be serious during prog to get them internet dragons dead.

Our roster is competitive and we value those who are constantly pushing themselves to become better players. Every player always has room for improvement. We want players who can take constructive criticism from others as well as analyze their own play to become better. Preparation: Not only do we want players who want to get better, but we want players who do great research in advance for upcoming progression.

All in all, this is a fair place where the happiness of our raiders is a high priority. We extremely value our atmosphere and we don’t tolerate drama or rudeness toward other members. We want team-oriented players who value the success of the guild over the own parse or personal gain even if it potentially means they have to play an off-spec, do undesirable mechanics, or even be benched for composition reasons. This may mean you are not in for a fight, as we will always being our best 20 players.

We are the little sister guild to BDGG, and have many friendships with their members and have a few support staff members as raiders. We help BDGG in their mission in trying to create a better environment in WoW through helping with community events and anything else we can do to make a positive impact on the community we love.

For recruitment, reach out to us on Discord! Zoey: Zoey#8531 or Fel: felbred#8219

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Raid Progression

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RealmID: 369
GuildID: 1628308