Honest Lee

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Nov 29 2022 18:01 CST
16 hours ago
About Honest Lee

Newly formed guild comprised of Cutting Edge/Famed Slayer players focused on having fun and getting cutting edge on a strict 2 nights raid schedule, taking pride in low pull count and no overtime or added days.

Recruiting all exceptional applicants. If you feel like you would be a strong addition to us regardless of our current recruiting needs you are always more than welcome to send an application anyway.

High Priority: Healer [Any], Warrior [DPS]

Raid Times: Saturday: 3-6pm ST Sunday: 3-6pm ST

If you wish to apply please fill out the form here: https://cutt.ly/RedemptionArc-App

Link can also be found in our Discord here: discord.gg/wVUN8WZCqQ

For other recruitment inquiries, contact Lyke via:

Lyke#0001 (Discord) Lyke#11776 (Bnet)

Renamed From Redemption Arc

Last updated 5 months ago

Raid Progression

No raid progress found for expansion

RealmID: 345
GuildID: 1691228