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Guild is missing from the Blizzard API as of
Mar 27 2023 23:55 UTC
3 days ago
About Renegades

Renegades are currently recruiting exceptional players of any role/class.

Patch Accomplishments:

8.3 - 6/12 Mythic Ny'alotha - Realm 2nd (alliance) 8.2 - 3/8 Mythic The Eternal Palace

Recruitment: DPS - All will be considered, ++Priority on Ranged & Caster Classes.++ Healers - All will be considered, ++Priority on Players competent in all class specs.++ Tanks - All will be considered. We are always willing to consider great players regardless of previous experience, so don’t hesitate to apply.


* Friendly and competent attitude towards other players. * Good understanding of class and game mechanics. * Commitment to our raiding schedule. * Initiative to carry out independent research on upcoming content.

What can we offer?

Renegades was founded with the idea of forming a social community-based on completing Warcraft's most challenging content. We are a Raiding guild first and foremost centralised around forming bonds with like-minded individuals to assemble a cohesive raid team able to complete end game content whilst still having an enjoyable time.

Renegades are currently looking to bolster our ranks and bring in some fresh blood to our core raiding team. As part of Renegade's, you will be expected to carry out the appropriate research into your class and new content to prepare for Shadowlands progression. In return, we will provide a fun and enjoyable environment for you to experience the games newest content.

Current Raiding Schedule:

Wednesday 20:30 Realm time Progress Thursday 20:30 Realm time Progress Sunday 20:30 Realm time Optional Raid day

Raid times are Subject to minor changes to suit the majority of the raid team.


Recruitment: Felion - Executus, Wowser - Shattered Hand Btag: leerexiii#2596, Wowser#2431 Discord: leewolschke#5003, wowser123#4233

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Raid Progression

We couldn't find any raid progression for that expansion.

Were you expecting to see some?

RealmID: 701
GroupID: 1022278
GuildID: 1056429