Keystone Masters: Sign Up to Compete in a Community-Driven M+ Tournament!

Looking for a warmup to the spring Mythic Dungeon International? Mark your calendars, Mythic+ enthusiasts! The Keystone Masters Tournament is back with a Winterspring Fling and it’s going to be LIVE with exclusive Tournament Realm access for all participants. Back in December of 2018, we announced KSM: WoW’s first community Mythic+ event on RaiderIO in an interview with Cirra. KSM has heard your feedback on the MDI and, this year, they are offering an MDI-style tournament with a few unique twists which they’ve adapted towards the benefit for both participants and viewers alike.

What is KSM?

KSM is a community esports organization that strives to add value to World of Warcraft’s esports ecosystem, providing community-driven format innovations. KSM aims to provide the community with quality entertainment year-round regardless of the ebbs and flows of official WoW esports seasons. Entering a fresh season with a new affix and two new Mythic+ instances in the Mechagon, KSM will provide a platform for both amateur and skilled players to showcase their abilities and highlight the new Season 4 content.

The Format

You asked and KSM listened. After speaking to many players, staff, and community members about the best and worst parts of the MDI, KSM adapted an MDI-style tournament model with a few unique twists to bring maximum enjoyment to everyone involved. KSM will hold official signups here on this Google Form and host both time trials and a live tournament.

Some of KSM’s own tweaks to the typical MDI format include:

  • Teams have the option to utilize a 6th player. The sixth player can be used as a back up, or can be substituted in strategically.
  • Teams are restricted to one spec per team, meaning that teams can no longer run triple Outlaw Rogue or double Unholy DK group compositions.
  • Dungeons and affixes will be set and known ahead of time to limit the amount of required practice time

...and more! A full list of updates and rules will be provided to each team prior to the event.

For the Players:

  • The event will be streamed by the participants themselves, giving the audience unique point of views and a chance for streamers to promote their own streams alongside the main event.
  • Players will have Tournament Realm access for the full duration of the event! This is an awesome opportunity, especially for all those MDI hopefuls to get some practice in for the Spring MDI!
  • PRIZEPOOL: Bnet Balance 200 EUR/USD + 3 months subscription to Raidbots Premium (per player) + 6 months Raider.IO Exalted Subscription per player for the 1st place team, 150EUR/USD Bnet Balance for the 2nd place team, and 100 EUR/USD Bnet Balance for the 3rd place team!

For the Viewers:

  • Unlike previous KSM tournaments, KSM will now be a LIVE EVENT with the addition of Tournament Realm access!
  • Unique player interviews and up-to-date tournament coverage by RaiderIO.
  • Exhibition matches involving some of your favorite streamers and community members.
  • A chance to see the new Awakened affix on display by some of the best.

Schedule of Events:

SIGNUPS: Right now! Signups close Feb 22nd

Signups are open to everyone! If you think you have what it takes to compete or just want to showcase your skill, sign up for a chance to compete!

TIME TRIALS: March 3rd (15:00 CET/9:00 AM EST) - March 7th (15:00 CET or 9:00 AM EST).

Selected teams will be given Tournament Realm access by March 2nd courtesy of Blizzard! Teams will then undergo time trials and have a week to complete 3 dungeons and affixes of our choosing.

BROADCAST DAYS: March 14th & 15th (19:00CET/2:00 PM EST).

The tournament begins! Saturday March 14th and Sunday March 15th we plan to host a live tournament with the top 8 teams from the qualifying time trials. Of course we’ll have some awesome casters to navigate each and every match for your viewing pleasure.

How Do I Sign Up?

Head on over to the application form to register! Signups are open to everyone. Remember that signups end on Feb 22nd, so get your team together and register!


About the Authors

Vitaminpee mains a Brewmaster and loves to do competitive Mythic+. She is the Social Media Manager for Big Dumb Gaming and is attending Graduate School to pursue her Masters of Business Administration. She is a partnered Twitch streamer and Discord Partner who plays all tanks at max level and loves pushing keys with her friends. Feel free to message her via Twitter for any business-related inquiries.

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