Mechagon Mythic+ Tips & Tricks

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This week, Operation: Mechagon is opening up for Mythic Plus runs, and there are a number of strong rewards such as powerful rings, pieces of the Vision of Perfection essence, or the Hyperthread Wristwraps, to be obtained from farming this dungeon, even though item rewards are capped at item level 445 from Mythic+ 6 or higher this week. (You should still do one key as high as you can, as it will improve your weekly chest for next week!)

In this Article, we’ll break down some of the most important mechanics in Operation: Mechagon to help you get an edge for your first few Mythic Plus runs. This isn’t a comprehensive list but rather a selection of the most vital things to focus on - for a thorough guide, check out Wowhead’s Operation: Mechagon Strategy Guide.

Mechagon Tips and Tricks

The Basics [back to top]

Operation: Mechagon has been split in half for the purposes of Mythic Plus - the Junkyard is the outdoor part of the dungeon with a wide-open nonlinear outdoor layout and tons of trash enemies, while the Workshop is basically the opposite - it’s indoors, very linear, and there’s relatively little trash.

For the first few weeks, expect to struggle as you and your group learn to deal with all the new mechanics that were previously not lethal in Mythic 0. Blizzard has taken an active role in re-balancing these dungeons so that they’re not overtuned when they become available in Mythic plus, so many abilities have had their base damage nerfed. Read about them here!

Junkyard Trash [back to top]

A useful strategy in Junkyard is picking up a set of three beneficial buffs for each player from friendly Bots that spawn in pre-determined locations. Here are the three bots and the buffs they grant you:

Picking up these buffs is a big benefit, both offensively and defensively, but it’s worth noting that they will fall off after death, and each bot can only grant one buff to one player before disappearing.

If you’re trying to pick up these bots, be very careful of the seemingly clear area circled in red in the above map. This area is infested with stealthed Prowlers, who do a nasty Pounce and are often pulled by mistake. Don’t go into this area alone to try and pick up the buffs within (unless a Demon Hunter with Spectral Sight can identify an area clear of the roaming Prowlers).

Most trash in the dungeon is optional, but it’s mandatory that you kill all three Toxic Monstrosities to free the allies within. These enemies only do one thing - they grip everyone in and then create an expanding pool of gunk that applies a nasty disease to anyone who touches it. This disease comes with a DoT and a healing absorb - once the healing absorb is gone the disease goes away too. One really useful tip is that each cast will only apply Consume to each player once - so if you pop an immunity or get a disease dispel you can then safely stay inside the gunk for the remainder of the cast.

Another ability that will require some getting used to is B.O.R.K, cast by Scraphounds, which notably have stealth detection, near the start of the dungeon. This frontal leaves behind a nasty 10-second movement speed and haste reduction, and the visual indicating where it will hit is very hard to see. To know what you’re looking for, see if you can spot the B.O.R.K in this clip from Tettles!

One final thing to be aware of is Gnome-eating Slimes, which split into several smaller Droplets at various health intervals. Notably on PTR, these Droplets triggered on-death affixes. This behavior is almost certainly unintentional, and will probably not persist long into live, but be careful pulling them the first week that any on-death affixes are active!

Junkyard Bosses [back to top]

Most Bosses in the Junkyard are fairly well understood, but if you’re interested in making sure you have all their mechanics down, we recommend Wowhead’s Operation: Mechagon Strategy Guide.

On PTR, the Hardmode effects were still available in Mythic Plus, so each week, it’s important to make sure that you start your route by going towards the boss empowered by Hardmode, as there are currently no benefits to doing Hardmode in Mythic Plus, and they dramatically increase the lethality of the dungeon.

One ability that will likely cause many surprise deaths during these first few weeks of Operation: Mechagon Mythic Plus is Naeno’s Bolt Buster. He casts this ability when he’s not on his Mechacycle, and it’s a frontal cone aimed at the tank. It does not have a telegraph (except for the cast bar and the direction he’s looking) and does enough damage to murder anyone unfortunate enough to get hit by it.

Workshop Trash [back to top]

There isn’t too much trash in Operation: Mechagon - Workshop, but there are many nuances that can make your run faster and easier. For instance, did you know that the Rocket Barrage cast from the first pull of the dungeon actually deals damage to enemies if you bait it on top of them?

One area that’s already lethal in Base Mythic Operation: Mechagon is the sewer, where Living Wastes explode on death for heavy group-wide damage on death. This can be disrupted with some abilities, but it can also be completely negated with line-of-sight, which is conveniently provided by several pillars in the area. For some footage of this strategy in action, check out this video from Trell.

The final tip for this part of the dungeon is to avoid killing Shield Generators - several of the later pulls do very heavy damage to the group, and stacking up inside its aura grants you a 75% damage reduction. You do need to make sure to remove the enemies from that aura, of course!

Workshop Bosses [back to top]

The bosses in this half of Operation: Mechagon can be quite difficult. Coming from base Mythic, you’ll probably be surprised by just how much group-wide damage goes out during the first boss’ Vent Jets, which will also murder anyone who gets too close to the boss. Much like Cragmaw the Infested’s Tantrum, you’ll want to plan out defensives for each of these casts.

Another thing you may not have run into in base Mythic is the difficulty increase in the Machinist’s Garden as the fight goes on. Each Plant that you kill will turn into a mini volcano the next time it’s hit with the flame cannon, and will spew out fire for the rest of the fight. In a Tyrannical setting, this can make the room very hectic as the fight goes on, so make sure to have all your cooldowns and bloodlust for this boss in a key at a level where this will be a problem.

Conclusion [back to top]

That’s all the tips we have for Operation: Mechagon! This article was aimed at players who’ve cleared the dungeon in base Mythic difficulty a few times, and are looking for the most important pieces of information to take into the increased difficulty Mythic Plus version of the dungeon. If you’re not familiar with the basics, we’d again encourage you to read Wowhead’s Operation: Mechagon Strategy Guide, as it covers every boss and most trash enemies in detail.


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