The Weekly Route: Tyrannical, Raging, Explosive, and Beguiling

This week’s affixes are Tyrannical, Raging, Explosive, and Tides-heavy Beguiling.

Your group’s composition can mitigate the effects of most of these affixes. Hunters and Druids can Soothe the biggest Raging threats. Specs with good instant damage can handle Explosive effectively and allow you to safely pull more than a few enemies at once - otherwise you may need to slow down to avoid getting overwhelmed. The Tides-heavy Beguiling pattern will also test your composition - Entangling Roots and/or Ring of Peace can make several pulls dramatically easier than if you had to do them with a Tides thrown in the mix.

If you’re interested in a set of routes aimed at very high level players, check out Lashga’s. He’s designs a set of very thorough routes for this week for his own push group, so they’re specially tailored for Alliance players as they feature skips that work well with Shadowmeld. These are quite complicated strategies, though they also have explanations for most of the tricky stuff. If you’re confused by anything in there, stop by his stream and ask him about it! Note that his routes usually go up on Wednesday, around when the European servers reset.

The Weekly Routes

Atal'Dazar [back to top]

All four bosses in this dungeon have the potential to spawn surprise Explosives far away from the action. Make sure you’re aware of any adds that are active, and have at least one person in the group ready to kill explosives that spawn on them. The Tides emissary at the bottom of the stairs after Vol’kaal is the toughest one this week - our Basic route plans to avoid this pack entirely through a death to get back to the front of the dungeon, but if you’re using the Expert route you’ll need to have a plan for this.

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Freehold [back to top]

It’s a tough Freehold week - there are a few enemies that can be lethal while Raging, and often more than one such enemy will be in any given pull, so one Soothe may not be enough to get you out of trouble. The big problem, however, will be the bosses - especially Captain Eudora. Be 100% sure to have Bloodlust ready for this fight - keep pulling trash if it isn’t up.

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Kings' Rest [back to top]

This week isn’t too bad, as far as Tyrannical weeks go, in Kings’ Rest. There are very few Emissaries that pose a threat, and one Tides emissary later even stops a patrol, allowing you to skip a Brute that isn’t normally skippable. It’s very important to have a Soothe for Shadow of Zul (and other dangerous trash), but outside of that you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the affixes in here.

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Shrine of the Storm [back to top]

Be very careful when pulling anything with an Emissary of the Tides in here - you’ll need to do it a few times, and each time you’ll need a plan to avoid your tank falling over dead to a few Water Blasts that are no longer interruptible. You also need to watch out for far Explosive spawns during the last boss fight when adds spawn.

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Siege of Boralus [back to top]

Our Siege of Boralus routes are based off the Horde pathing and will require some modification if you’re Alliance.

It’s a tempting week to use an Ashvane Spotter to kill a bunch of stuff since you can get it below 30% to enrage it. Be sure to always have someone watching the Spotter for Explosive spawns if you try this! There is a very annoying Void Emissary this week just before the last Spotter that, for most groups, turns a shroud into a death skip. We’d still recommend skipping this pull, as five (or more) enemies with that Void is difficult and slow.

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Temple of Sethraliss [back to top]

Tyrannical is the operative affix in Temple this week - Tides is actually a fantastic Beguiling pattern, and there are only a few enemies like Dervishes that get scary with Raging. Explosive can be a big challenge during the last boss encounter, especially if you don’t have ranged DPS who can watch the far sides of the room. You may need to assign players to specific parts of the room to watch for Explosive spawns.

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The MOTHERLODE!! [back to top]

Raging turns a lot of abilities into one-shots in this dungeon. Do your best to avoid having multiple enemies Raging at once to mitigate the worst of this. The Emissary pattern is not bad - the worst of them can all be skipped, though to do this you may have to walk some pretty narrow paths (or use some safety shrouds).

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The Underrot [back to top]

Raging Bloodswarmers are the main threat among the trash - if you can handle those, the bosses are pretty much the whole dungeon. Make sure your Bloodlust is available before engaging Cragmaw - it’s fine to keep pulling for a bit to wait for it to finish cooling down. Have one melee assigned to follow the boss during Tantrum, stomping what ticks they can but mostly watching for sneaky Explosive spawns.

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Tol Dagor [back to top]

Explosive stops you from doing anything too big as a first pull, which is unfortunate as that’s normally a good strategy. You’ll have to contend with a few annoying Voids as you begin the ascent into the prison, but after those are taken care of, the emissaries aren’t too problematic. The Tyrannical bosses will likely be most of the challenge, as will be managing the cannon section with Explosive active. Make sure you have a plan for whatever you’re going to kill with cannons that won’t fall apart when a few Explosives spawn!

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Waycrest Manor [back to top]

Line of Sight can often be used to your benefit against Tides Emissaries in here - when an enemy begins casting on you, you can duck behind cover to effectively interrupt them, even when they’re in the Tides’ aura. There are no Void emissaries along the path this week, which will save a large amount of time, so if you can avoid wiping to the bosses you can probably beat the timer. Wiping to Tyrannical Waycrest bosses is unfortunately pretty easy to do - especially with Explosives spawning under Lady Waycrest while she’s at range!

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