Play Like the Pros: Import This Week's High Mythic+ Routes

Do you love Mythic Plus (Mythic+) but are too busy throughout the week between school, work, family, or raiding to see what routes the top players are running on streams?

We’ve got you covered with our new series: Play Like the PROS!

Today, we share some of the advanced Mythic+ routes that we have seen on Twitch streams this week to help you optimize your weekend key pushing sessions! Read on to import dungeon routes by the pros and maybe learn some new tech.

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High Mythic+ Routes

Tyrannical, Raging, Storming, Thundering



Dungeon Run: Algeth'ar Academy +26
Team: Lococro, Cryve, Gellyfisk, Tuomaskoo, Wavesx
Affix Combo: Tyrannical, Raging, Storming, Thundering

We had the privilege of speaking to Wavesx for some insights into his team’s Mythic+ route. Here’s what he had to share:

  • This triple melee comp has great synergy with its buffs (Mark of the Wild, Battle Shout, Windfury Totem, Mystic Touch) and a really good balance of AoE, Funnel, and Single-Target damage.
  • The first pull is all of the trash in the Overgrown Ancient area, and since the group is entirely melee it’s important to have a plan about what direction to run out of the ground effects to maximize uptime. Also, it can be helpful for the tank to use a Potion of Shocking Disclosure to help get aggro on so many enemies.
  • Aggravated Skitterflies become an issue when they enrage, but this comp has access to the AoE soothe, Oppressing Roar, from the Evoker.
  • On Overgrown Ancient, the Hungry Lashers that spawn during the fight are important for the Enhancement Shaman and Feral Druid’s funnel into the boss so we coordinate when they die to maximize the target count throughout the fight.
  • The same idea during the waves of eagles, we try to keep the Territorial Eagles alive as long as possible to funnel into the Alpha Eagles.
  • On Crawth we always reset the Sonic Vulnerability stacks right before the 5th stack. On high Tyrannical keys it’s important to think about Enhancement Shaman defensives; on the third Deafening Screech the Evoker uses Rescue (with the Twin Guardian talent) on the Shaman for the 30% HP shield, and Astral Shift is held for the 4th Screech.
  • Huge pulls are usually not an issue for our comp since we have tons of AoE crowd control. We can use Oppressing Roar from the Evoker to get an extended Leg Sweep from the Brewmaster followed by Capacitor Totem, Thunderstorm, and Sundering from the Shaman into a combination of Vortex and Typhoon from the Druid into a Tail Swipe from the Evoker and after all that we still have 5 kicks and a Ring of Peace. These long CC chains make sure we can avoid all the important things like Mystic Blast, Arcane Rain, and Severing Slash.
  • We chain 2 Arcane Foragers and an Arcane Ravager into the last pack needed to summon Vexamus and cleave down everything to summon the boss before finishing off the surviving Ravager while the role play is happening.
  • We pull 7 Algeth’ar Echoknights, 2 Invokers and 1 Restorer together onto the stairs. The idea is to have them all stacked on the stairs and stand below them so the Astral Whirlwinds can’t hit you and we can cleave them all down while interrupting the Arcane Missiles.
  • The last pull gets taken directly to Echo of Dora’gosa and we let the adds live as long as possible to maximize the damage we can funnel into the boss.
  • With great variety of damage profiles, what feels like endless mob control, and insane off-healing from Ancestral Guidance and Nature's Vigil, our group composition feels really versatile and makes for a great time to push keys.

See the Mythic+ Route in Action:


Dungeon Run: Court of Stars +27
Team: Skillsclap, Roiiben, Gangam, Kihusizediff, Sjelesneak
Affix Combo: Tyrannical, Raging, Storming, Thundering

We had the privilege of speaking to Roiiben and Sjelesneak for some insights into their team’s Mythic+ route. Here’s what they had to share:

  • The foundation of any Court of Stars pathing is being able to cover all of the class/profession buffs and summons.
  • For this week’s affixes there is nothing that has to specifically be adjusted in the route as the affixes do not really have a large influence. Mainly, have at least 1 soothe and be quick to use it when the mini bosses enrage.
  • We choose not to skip the first Duskwatch Guard as you enter the dungeon, because it gives better options for trash count in the second boss area. We also send our healer to open the doors to the courtyard after we killed Patrol Captain Gerdo while the rest of the group fights the dock pull.
  • If Duskwatch Sentries are crowd controlled before they are pulled they will not do the somewhat deadly Throw Torch cast.
  • In the second boss area we have a plan for getting either 2 free summons or 1 which is dependent on the dungeon spawns. The first thing we do as we enter the courtyard is to get rid of the patrolling Watchful Inquisitor, Shadow Mistress and the Blazing Imps, followed by an immediate summon from the healer/first aid, bazaar goods or jewelcrafting/mining statue. After this the route speaks for itself, with the only variation being that one pack can be skipped if you have to fight 2 Felbound Enforcers.
  • We choose to only use 2 Bloodlusts on higher Tyrannical keys since we want to make sure to have it on pull with all cooldowns for Talixae Flamewreath.

See the Mythic+ Route in Action:


Dungeon Run: Halls of Valor +26
Team: Skillsclap, Roiiben, Gangam, Kihusizediff, Sjelesneak
Affix Combo: Tyrannical, Raging, Storming, Thundering

Bloodlust Timings: 1st pull, Hyrja, Fenryr, Odyn 2nd intermission

We had the privilege of speaking to Roiiben and Sjelesneak for some insights into their team’s Mythic+ route. Here’s what they had to share:

  • We crowd control the first 2 Valarjar Champions and trigger combat with them in order to have them come to Hymdall once their CC breaks.
  • In the first pull we focus down one of the Valarjar Thundercallers to offset when both it and the Storm Drake will enrage so we’ll still be able to cover all 3 important soothes with only a Druid and a Rogue.
  • Pull 3 can be chained into Pull 4 as the casters die and kicks become available. Afterwards we shroud to the Shieldmaidens before Hyrja.
  • Pull 5 has the tank constantly backpedaling to avoid each Mortal Hew so permanent slows like Crippling Poison have a lot of value here.
  • On Hyrja, we use the Inversion Tech that was invented and named after the famed slayer Naowh. A guide for it can be found on his YouTube Channel.
  • After the boss Shroud is available again and we fight pull 9 in the corner of the hall while staying aware of the Stormforged Sentinel patrol.
  • We fight both phases of Fenryr before doing any of the large pulls in his area because the 150% movement speed is very helpful for the tank to set up.
  • For the massive Ebonclaw Worg pull, our only ranged player, the Druid, hides on the “safe spot” besides Fenryr’s cave and the tank generates enough threat to kite the wolves and not tank any of their damage.
  • We pick up 3 beers to play all the Kings together. It has to be coordinated well with timings to throw beers, kite the kings, and trigger their dialogue to be able to activate them all.

See the Mythic+ Route in Action:


Dungeon Run: Ruby Life Pools +27
Team: Equinoxmonk, Dxm, Layeesha, Shantiana, Tjuanalpha
Affix Combo: Tyrannical, Raging, Storming, Thundering

Bloodlust Timings: 1st pull, Flamegullet, Kyrakka

We had the privilege of speaking to Equinoxmonk for some insights into his team’s Mythic+ route. Here’s what he had to share:

  • We pull the first Primal Juggernaut because our comp cleaves off one bigger mob really well so on Tyrannical when tank survival is less of an issue it’s easy count. On Fortified his Crushing Smash is usually too much to handle.
  • As Brewmaster Melidrussa Chillworn is very hard. You're fairly reliant on your healer, but your defensive timings can help quite a lot. Chillstorms are your most vulnerable points on this boss, you want to save Dampen Harm/Diffuse Magic for them. If you press Diffuse Magic at the end of the first Frigid Shard cast during Chillstorm you will have it up for both Frigid Shard casts and the Chillstorm Explosion as well as 1 extra Frigid Shard cast after Chillstorm explodes. You can repeat this timing anytime you feel in danger. I also like to use Zen Meditation on the 2nd Frigid Shard of a Chillstorm because it overlaps with the Chillstorm explosion.
  • Each Cinderweaver requires 2 late melee kicks each or 1 melee kick, 1 ranged kick and 1 long CC (kidney shot) in between casts. On Blazebound Destroyers you can minimize damage with Feign Death, Vanish, or Shadowmeld before Inferno goes off and it will do 0 damage to you and apply no dot because the ability requires combat to hit.
  • Our only strange pull in the ring is pull 7. We shroud past Flamegullet then pull g17 back into him and lust with the focus target being the Blazebound Destroyer. We do this because Flamegullet does no party damage besides the tank until 50% HP, so this gives us time to kill the Destroyer while cleaving on Flamegullet. By the time all the trash is dead Flamegullet will be almost 50%. This is much more efficient than killing him solo.
  • This boss as Brewmaster is all about reactionary defensives based on how many stacks of Searing Wounds you get. To minimize stacks, turning your back to the boss to build Elusive Brawler stacks before Searing Blows will allow you to guarantee at least 1 Dodge. You can also just Purifying Brew/Celestial Brew right before the cast to give yourself the Pretense of Instability buff (15% dodge) which will help as well. If you get more than 2 stacks your defensive priority should be Dwarf Racial > Dampen Harm > Black Ox Brew + Celestial Brew > Fortifying Brew. To maximize boss damage you need to keep the Blazebound Firestorm alive as long as possible, but kill it before the 2nd Inferno cast. To accomplish this you’ll need 2 instant kicks with short lockout (monk, warrior, shaman) on the first 2 casts, then 1 kick with a long lockout (rogue, mage, lock) on the 3rd cast. This will lock him out of fire spells right as his Inferno cast comes off its internal cooldown, buying you an extra 5-6 seconds.
  • On our double Flame Channeler pull, each channeler requires two melee kicks to prevent Flashfire. You’ll also want an initial kick on the Tempest Channeler to get them to run in, so that person will kick 2nd on one of the Flame Channelers afterwards.
  • High Channeler Ryvati’s spell order is always Shock Blast > Tempest Stormshield > Lightning Storm. Sometimes she will Shock Blast twice before a Lightning Storm. When she does Summon Primal Thundercloud the highest dps global you can do is Purge on these adds, this is because the Tempest Stormshield shield amount is based off the shields of the Thunderclouds, and if there is no shields when her cast finishes she gets no shield.
  • On the last boss, use Celestial Brew anytime you aren't topped for a Stormslam, and tank the boss in the center so the dragon is likely to fly to your group. For Flamespit you will always drop the first 2 sets of puddles on the left side of the platform because the winds always go left then down for the first flame spit casts. After that you bring 2 to the right side since they will be right and up. Rinse repeat this for the entire fight. Ideal push timing is getting Kyrakka to ~52% then stopping your damage, letting her fly down for another breath, then lusting and burning her down as fast as possible. This allows you to start phase 2 with her at 40% or lower removing a potential 2-3 Flamespit casts from your fight.

See the Mythic+ Route in Action:


Dungeon Run: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds +27
Team: Equinoxmonk, Dxm, Layeesha, Shantiana, Tjuanalpha
Affix Combo: Tyrannical, Raging, Storming, Thundering

We had the privilege of speaking to Equinoxmonk for some insights into his team’s Mythic+ route. Here’s what he had to share:

  • We Shroud past g2 and Void Spawn 1 to pull g6. We have our healer tag g7 so that we do Spiderlings on top of the 4 pack. Afterwards, we jump down and do g9 + g10 together to maximize the mobs per pack. Once we kill Bone-mender 2, we run to g11 and pull g11 + g12 together, killing the remaining Ritual Bones as they walk in. This pull is very dangerous so, as a Brewmaster, don't be afraid to throw up defensives preemptively or kite. If you get the Shadow Word: Frailty debuff, Diffuse this off immediately; the reflected damage from it will basically kill the Bonemender on its own.
  • Try to tank Saldana Bloodfury on the edge of the circle to keep the falling daggers contained the whole time. You can Touch of Death every other add, so try to touch #2 and #4 if the add isn’t dying too quickly. Paladins can also cast Turn Evil on this add at 30% HP to kill it. Depending on your add kill timing, this boss can change her spell queueing to either do more Whispers of the Dark Star or less, leading to a heavy variance in difficulty on this boss. This way, your healer should over-prepare after key mechanics such as Dark Eclipse and Dark Communion.
  • We Shroud to Nhallish through the middle and then hug the left side after passing the first 2 books. Then, we pull Exhumer 2 into the boss. This gives us free mob count that can be cleaved on top of the boss instead of playing it solo. This also gives Rogues/Enhancement Shamans some funnel by also spawning the extra adds on top of the boss. As a Brewmaster, rotate Diffuse Magic + Celestial Brew and Dampen Harm + Celestial Brew on each Void Blast frontal. You can also Touch of Death every other Soul Steal phase.
  • We do g17, then g6 with Exhumer 4. This gives us 1 Exhumer in each pack. In g18, your DPS must be careful – after the Dominators die, the Subjugated Souls will fixate the 2nd highest threat target until they are dead.
  • In the next pull, we do g19, g20, g21, and g22 together. Each Spider needs 1 melee (15 second cd), you can also do this with just rotating 2 ranged on 1 and 1 melee + 1 tank on each of the other ones. Bats require a CC rotation to stop the Plague Spit cast since they do not recast on CC.
  • The Carrion Worm 1 is pulled with g24. Same thing above: you do CC rotation on the Bat casts. If the bats are semi-synced up, then you can AoE CC late and catch all 4. If they are heavily desynced, then you need kicks on at least 3 then CC #4 to be able to stop all casts. Carrion worm 2 can be done with g25 if you have a class that can pull by jumping around the wall, tagging the pack, and jumping back to the group (Demon Hunter, Evoker, Druid). Skip the 2 Bats in g19 and it will be the same count. However, doing g25 before the boss is the most time efficient pull for the percentage it offers.
  • Bonemaw is just a snoozefest once the adds die. There’s not much to say about it. Please change this horrible boss.
  • For the two Void Spawns leading up to the last boss, hard-focus 1 of them down so that you ultimately only get 1 set of Void Pulses at a time. Try to preplan when you want defensives on this pack so your healer CDs aren't overlapping with your defensives. This pull is just a race against your defensives – especially on Fortified weeks.
  • The last boss is fairly easy. When the wall of adds spawn, drag Ner’zhul to a mob of your choosing and try to lead the boss so it is ahead of the add to bait his Malevolence cone towards the add you are fighting instead of in front of it. This is important because the add will pass the Malevolence, allowing 100% uptime on it instead of the add running into the Malevolence, which would result in downtime to move away from the large frontal.

See the Mythic+ Route in Action:


Dungeon Run: Temple of the Jade Serpent +26
Team: Dreams, Hastydwagon, Dracform, Entrid, Ympzz
Affix Combo: Tyrannical, Raging, Storming, Thundering

Bloodlust Timings: 1st pull, Strife and Peril, Sha of Doubt.

We had the privilege of speaking to Dreams for some insights into his team’s Mythic+ route. Here’s what he had to share:

See the Mythic+ Route in Action:


Dungeon Run: The Azure Vault +26
Team: Tattman, Bobbywoke, Nagurawr, Rataucigasa, Vildiepi
Affix Combo: Tyrannical, Raging, Storming, Thundering

Bloodlust Timings: 1st pull, on cooldown on 2nd ring, on cooldown during frog trash, Umbrelskul.

We had the privilege of speaking to Tattman for some insights into his team’s Mythic+ route. Here’s what he had to share:

  • With the recent nerfs to Azure Vault, the timer is insanely free. However, with a bit of practice and some thought about what group composition you have, you can easily go even faster. In this key, Funnel damage and AoE stops are key. Two great funnel classes are Enhancement Shamans and Shadow Priests. Almost every pull consists of a higher health target which you want to even out with the rest of the pack, or a mob that you can focus down fast to let you chain to the next pack.
  • We use Mind Soothe to skip the first Drakonid Breaker, this can be tricky in pugs because if any needs to run back after dying the Breaker will have to be soothed again.
  • We pull the entirety of the first room and stairs down to just before the 2nd Breaker, waiting to pull it after the Breaker from the stairs has already died. After that we clear out everything except one Nullmagic Hornswog and Mind Soothe past the final two Drakonids.
  • The make or break on Tyrannical week in this key is surviving the boss fights. The 1st, 3rd, and last boss all have AoE abilities with the potential to one-shot players without a defensive up so knowing which classes need group utility and when is critical.

See the Mythic+ Route in Action:


Dungeon Run: The Nokhud Offensive +26
Team: Kíea, Realwippy, Casualaddict, Løutus, Античка
Affix Combo: Tyrannical, Raging, Storming, Thundering

We had the privilege of speaking to Kíea for some insights into his team’s Mythic+ route. Here’s what he had to share:

  • The main goal of our route is to do as few pulls as possible, allowing us to move between bosses efficiently.
  • In the first boss area, we try to do as big pulls as we can stack together (the main difficulty is actually getting all the archer mobs stacked up for AoE), so we utilize knocks to get some patrols in – primarily on the 1st and last pulls around this area. We also ignore the Lancemasters/Plainstompers since they do very little except require 1 melee kick. The moment we finish off any stationary mobs, we chain to the next pack.
  • You have to focus on stopping the Rally the Clans cast, and also Hunt Prey. However, the more technical aspect of these pulls is managing the Warspears, which will charge the furthest target. Swift Stab has to be stopped after the cast has finished and while they are traveling to the target; this way, it does no damage. Any stop works for this (AoE blinds, stuns, roots, Vortex, etc. If you manage these, then the packs do very little to you.
  • The 2nd boss area is kind of limited; the pulls are very standard, but we try to chain as soon as we kill off casters. We do chain the final two mobs of G10 + the patrol of small shielded mobs with 1 HP to the boss so that we can use them for funnel.
  • We actually strayed away from our normal route in this particular Nokhud Offensive +26. After the 1st boss, we usually go straight to the big pull at the waterfall, but because we were faster in this run, our 3-minute cooldowns were not yet ready, so we played a small pack in between.
  • We try to speed-run the 3rd boss area. We do it in 4 pulls (1 pull per hill pack), and then pull G28 onto the boss. The goal in this area is to kill off any of the named mini bosses (the Death Bolt Volley casters), and Ukhel Corrupters, and then chain. Ukhel Deathspeakers look scary, but they do very little, and if one is still alive, they are just chained onto the next pack.
  • I think the most important abilities to watch out for here are the Swift Wind cast from the mystics, and the Mortal Strike from the Risen Warriors. Even if a Death Bolt Volley is not kicked, there is very little party damage, so all these pulls are about tank survivability. An important thing to note here, is that the Corrupters that cast Death Bolt on the tank, will actually start casting that bolt on another target, if the tank outranges it (40 yards probably), which can be problematic when you chain pulls like this.
  • Balakar Khan I think is just the standard for high keys, you use have a Rogue/Night Elf pull he two mini bosses, and then the tank pulls the boss, and the Rogue/Night Elf uses Vanish/Shadowmeld.
    We also tried pulling some of the neutral mobs onto the boss this time, in order to get some funnel, but we only got 1 big mob, so in the future we will likely look to get 3-4 big mobs
  • The bosses in here I think are pretty straight forward, we do some things on 1st boss where we start to CC the adds at around 50% HP, but aside from that the bosses just take a long time, not much to them.

See the Mythic+ Route in Action:

Additional Resources

To further unpack the magic of high Mythic+ for yourselves, here are a few additional resources:

  • Subcreation – Find S-tier for ranged, melee, tanks, and healers. Also see their gear-equipped manager and top builds.
  • Twitch – Specific player PoVs in real-time and videos on demand. Twitch may also provide an opportunity for you to respectfully ask MDI players reasonable game-related questions directly!
  • Warcraft Logs – Data and replays: Cast queues, spell uptime, interrupt/stuns, etc.
  • Raider.IO - When watching high Mythic+ and the MDI, you can search one specific player’s name into Raider.IO to find character-specific info such as gear/legionaries, gems, enchants, soulbinds, conduits, talents, how many keys they have completed on time (5,10,15 for both Fortified/Tyrannical). Also, you may find links to each players’ socials, which can help you track down their personal addons, UIs, WeakAuras, etc.


About the Authors

Biggerfish is a recovering Boomkin who has played WoW for 14 years and has been an avid Mythic+ player since it released in Legion. He mostly tanks, and can be found on most weeknights in the NA Group Finder bricking your keys.

VitaminP (VP) is the Content Manager of Raider.IO and has worked for the organization since the formation of the News Section in November 2018. Although VP is currently focused on pursuing her Masters of Business Administration, she specializes in tanking classes and has loved doing competitive Mythic+ on and off since early Legion.