The Weekly Route: Dragonflight Season 1 Basic Routes

Welcome to the first weeks of Dragonflight Mythic Plus!

The Weekly Route will begin in earnest after the Race to World First ends! This post has basic routes for each of the 8 Dragonflight Season One dungeons that should help you avoid going under or over count, though note that these routes will avoid many good strategies like skips, and will also pull rather than avoid patrols that often pull by accident, unless this results in going hugely over count. Adjust this accordingly if it’s not right for your group!

The Weekly Routes

Ruby Life Pools [back to top]

Routing in Ruby Life Pools is pretty straightforward. We recommend skipping Flamegullet, the fire dragon. This enemy is brutal, not needed for count, and can be easily skipped by waiting for it to fly away before walking past. Routing in this dungeon is otherwise fairly straightforward, just be sure to have every cooldown available for the last boss, especially on Tyrannical!

Nokhud Offensive [back to top]

In this dungeon, you’ll need a bunch of extra count if you only kill the required enemies to spawn the bosses. Our route has opted to get this count mostly from mobs that are difficult to avoid, rather than the ones that are easiest to fight - as the key level gets higher you should adjust this and instead skip the first pull (the big patrol, which we recommend using Bloodlust on, especially on Fortified weeks, if you’re going to pull it) as well as avoiding more of the enemies towards the end of the dungeon.

Azure Vault [back to top]

Azure Vault is a fairly linear dungeon in which hitting count happens easily, though not automatically, by pulling the required enemies. You’ll need to pick up a few mobs that could be skipped, but you won’t have to go out of your way or let any Shrieking Whelps casts go off.

Algeth’ar Academy [back to top]

Starting with a big pull in the plant area is a lot of fun - if your group has the ability to blast some big AoE damage with their cooldowns on that many targets, that is! Slow this pull down if you are heavily target capped or fear for your lives! You can also drop pull 12 and backtrack instead after Vexamus and pull more of the trash before the last boss - this trash deals a LOT of damage to itself if you bring the Astral Bombs on top of the enemies!

Halls of Valor [back to top]

Many of the enemies you may remember as being super deadly from back in Legion have been toned down in this dungeon - though from testing it seems like Ebonclaw Worgs are still very dangerous and should be pulled very carefully or avoided.

Court of Stars [back to top]

Count in this dungeon has been changed such that you won’t go way over count every time like often happened in Legion. It’s a tricky dungeon to route for because there’s RNG associated with the profession items and the Felbound Enforcer spawns, but just try to get to around 50% count before going to the second half of the dungeon if you don’t want to pull extra demons there to hit 100%.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds [back to top]

This is a very linear dungeon with a little extra count than you need, even if you walk in a straight line. You can try and skip some count somewhere in the dungeon - avoiding the first Void Spawn, for instance, is a good idea if your group is all together, but in a pug it will likely be easier to just take it out and save yourself the trouble.

Temple of the Jade Serpent [back to top]

As of the time of writing this, count is a little off in this dungeon’s MDT, but it’s a fairly linear dungeon and you basically can’t go wrong by heading left, doing a U-turn after the boss, and then killing all the enemies in front of you for the rest of the dungeon.


About the Author

Dratnos hosts the The Titanforge WoW Podcast. He’s also an Officer in the Hall of Fame guild poptart corndoG, whose raids he streams on Twitch, and is a commentator for events such as the MDI and the Race to World First!