New and Improved Raider.IO Twitch Panel Extension

Dragonflight is launching in just a few days, and the excitement is reaching peak levels. A brand new expansion means brand new content, a brand new Season, and so much more. It also means a big opportunity for all of you incredible content creators and streamers! With new features coming into the game like the extended Talent System, we want to give you the tools you need to keep your community and viewers informed.

We’ve had a Raider.IO Twitch Panel Extension for some time now, but we’ve made some updates and revamps to it in preparation for Dragonflight. This includes a full loadout of the new Talent System, and it is currently the only way to share your talent choices on Twitch! Read on to learn more about how to reap the benefits of the Raider.IO Twitch Extension.

A special thank you to Internrd for spearheading these changes, and if you want to see the Extension in action, go check out Korimae on Twitch!

Table of Contents

Mythic+ Progression

The Raider.IO Twitch Panel Extension will default to showing the character you have designated as your “Main” when you configure the Extension, and will show their Mythic+ Progression and history. Your viewers will get a great visual snapshot of your Mythic+ prowess with easy access to much more detailed information.

Viewers can click directly on the Panel to get to your Character or Guild pages on Raider.IO. They can also click on the specific dungeon to get taken to the detailed dungeon page on the site as well. For additional information on any of the affixes, viewers can click on an icon and be taken directly to the Affixes page on Raider.IO for breakdown and analysis on each Mythic+ affix.

If you have any alternate characters, you can add up to an additional three when you configure the Extension, and they will also show up on the bottom so your viewers can quickly swap the Panel view to another one of your toons!

New Talent System

One of the biggest revamps we’ve seen to World of Warcraft with the launch of Dragonflight is a complete overhaul of the Talents System. Prior to this change, you picked a total of 7 talents out of a possible 21, and those were limited to choices on a specific row. With the new system, we have both Class and Specialization trees, and over 60 talent points to invest in them. Streamers are certainly accustomed to having viewers ask “can you show your talents?” but that is a much more daunting task now!

Raider.IO is here to help! We’ve updated the Twitch Panel Extension to show both a Summary Build and a Full Talent Build, which your viewers can easily swap between. The Summary Build is intended to show the key talent choices that can indicate a certain playstyle or “build” for that spec. The Summary Build will show every talent chosen on both Class and Spec trees.

We’ve also made it easy for viewers to copy your talent choices by clicking on the Copy Loadout button. This will automatically copy the import string needed for other players to easily upload your talent choices to their own characters in-game. By clicking on Talent Calculator, they can view your current talent choices in the Wowhead Talent Calculator.

Equipped Gear

The Raider.IO Twitch Panel Extension will also allow your viewers to check out your *equipped gear. Viewers can easily identify the items by mousing over the icon - the tooltip for that gear piece will come up, including gems and enchants! By clicking on the icon they’ll be taken directly to the item’s page on Wowhead.

*Equipped gear is the same as shown on the Raider.IO website, and updates every time you log out of a character.

How to Get the Raider.IO Twitch Extension

So now you’re sitting there thinking “okay, I’m sold, but how do I add this to my own Twitch page?”. Well that is easy! Simply follow these instructions:

  • Open up your Creator Dashboard on your Twitch account
  • Click on Extensions in the menu
  • Search for Raider.IO in the search bar, or click on Extensions for Games under the “Discover Extensions” list
  • Click on “Add” or “Install” on the Raider.IO Extension
  • Follow the prompts to add Characters, click Activate, and you’re all set!

The Raider.IO Twitch Panel Extension will now show up on your Twitch page, allowing your viewers easy access to all the info they need!

Questions or Suggestions? Head on over to our Twitter or hop into our Discord Server and let us know!