World First Pre-Patch Solo Kill: Vennbrew Defeats Rygelon

Today, we announce a pre-patch accomplishment: a boss from the final raid of the expansion has been soloed, thanks to the power of the next expansion's systems and incredible perseverance! Even with the newly found power of Dragonflight, Vennbrew went up against the penultimate boss of the Sepulcher of the First Ones, Rygelon, on his own for 5 hours. If you're thinking to yourself, "Wow, 5 hours, that's a lot of dedication", well, that's a blip in time for Venn compared to the 90 other wipes, some of which even lasted 1-2.5 hours, not to mention the months of planning, and even some tries before the pre-patch!

Here are some of the highlights of how it was done, but you can hear the full explanation in the video below as well.

  • The tank swap mechanic is avoided by absorbing the entirety of the attack, mainly via , .
  • The Collapsing Quasar orbs are kept away from the boss with and DPS’d down.
  • The 5 hour length is due to only being able to auto attack the boss after the fourth .

The words "Rygelon" and "solo" might be ringing a bell to you, and that's because the boss was killed by a single player once before... sort of. Rextroy did technically claim the World First title on this one, but it was using one of his extremely exploit-y techniques, a literal one-shot in this case. You can check out that feat here, but that doesn't really take anything away from Venn's actual solo, which was done the true old-fashioned way.

We took some time out to chat with Venn on this occasion, to see why he actually decided to try this solo endeavor, how much preparation there was, and how long it took all-told, in addition to the massive 5-hour kill pull.

Even though I knew it might take a really long time, I persevered because, once I knew it was possible, I just had to do it. I've watched people like Rextroy (and Mionelol from years ago) for a long time, and I've always been interested in trying to solo bosses. After 3 months of brainstorming on how this boss might be soloable, the excitement of actually doing it kept me going despite how insane it sounded.

Also, my friends said it was impossible and the drive to prove them wrong pushed me to do the fight no matter how long it took. I first tried on Blood Death Knight, but the spec’s inability to heal while not in melee range made the fight practically impossible, so I decided to switch to Brewmaster Monk. I had around 90 attempts on Monk, multiple 1 hour attempts that ended in me messing up my self healing, and 1 attempt that lasted 2.5 hours before my game crashed…I decided to get chicken nuggets and come back the next day to try again. I attempted this a few times before the pre-patch, but the added talents for Monk helped immensely with things like Diffuse Magic, and the ability to have , , and all at the same time was a big plus.

If you still want more, there is an unedited, extended version of the fight, but even that is only 1-hour long due to a technical issue (but you can probably get the gist from it). And, if you REALLY want the full 5-hour recording... Seriously, are you okay? Well, here it is sped up:

Congratulations, Venn!


About the Author

Starym is an old-school raider with a wide history of World Firsts under his belt. He is a long-time news writer and interviewer for Icy Veins and formerly Manaflask. Having raided in the Race to World First (RWF) until the end of The Burning Crusade, he has been covering the events since Cataclysm and the RWF has become his greatest passion in WoW. A (Tauren, obviously) Warrior main at heart, when pushed, he will admit to loving Diablo more than WoW and, thus, should be punished.