Dragonflight Beta: Mythic+ Testing Tips

Last week's Dragonflight Beta build brought with it a handful of class changes and two new bosses to test within Vault of the Incarnates, but no initial mention of Mythic+ testing. However, in a surprising turn of events, Blizzard announced after raid testing concluded that Mythic+ testing would begin over the weekend. Both Ruby Life Pools and The Azure Vault were available on the beta and, while it was a limited time event, one can assume that Blizzard will continue to test additional Mythic+ dungeons over the next few weeks.

Testing Mythic+ dungeons is not as simple as just logging on and walking right into the dungeon, though. There are a few things like character setup, creating keystones, and physically getting to the dungeon that can be a bit confusing to someone who has not done so before. Hopefully, with the help of this article, we can help guide you through the process for the next Mythic+ beta testing cycle.

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Character Creation and Gear Acquisition

The first thing you will want to do is create a character on the Valdrakken server. Valdrakken is the max-level template character realm on beta and has access to both gear vendors and other endgame resources. If you are Horde, head to the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar and look for the “Setzertauren”. Alliance can find the same NPC in the Trade District of Stormwind. This NPC will sell Tier gear for your class as well as a few other high level pieces, which helps bolster your item level. There is also a PVP gear vendor to the left which sells various trinkets and other items if you desire. Mythic+ does not have any kind of scaling buff like raid testing does, so the gear you wear inside is actually important.

The Setzertauren NPC sells Tier gear and other useful pieces (Alliance)

The Setzertauren NPC (Horde)

Purchasing and Crafting Keystones

Once you have acquired your gear and chosen a talent build, you will need to purchase keystone creation items from a different NPC and create your keystone. This NPC’s name is simply “Keystone Vendor”, and he can be found to the right of Setzertauren in the Valley of Strength (Horde) or the Trade District (Alliance).

The Keystone Vendor is on a pedestal near the Dungeon Teleports NPC

You will first want to purchase a Keystone Container. Right click the Keystone Container in your bags, and this will create a keystone. The keystone might be for a dungeon that is no longer relevant or a higher level that you may like, but all of that can be adjusted by purchasing (and applying) the keystone enhancement items also sold by the vendor. These items let you set your keystone anywhere from level 10 to 15 while also having the option to add any other affixes that you may like.

The Keystone Vendor has nearly every affix available. Mix and match!

Thundering is the current seasonal affix and is still undergoing changes but might be worth taking an early look at for those looking to get a head start. If you would like to add an affix to your key or change the level, simply right click the keystone enhancement when purchased and then apply it to your keystone. It is worth noting that you do not need to apply Fortified or Tyrannical if you do not wish to. You can run a key simply with Thundering or, if you’d prefer, no affixes at all! With nearly every affix being available, the possibilities are almost endless.

Getting to the Dungeon

Physically getting to the dungeon was actually the hardest part of testing Mythic+ the first week due to the teleporter NPCs being bugged in certain phases. Characters on the Valdrakken realm were not able to leave their respective main cities (Orgrimmar/Stormwind), otherwise they would be teleported back. This means that, in order to reach the new dungeons on Dragon Isles, you must speak with the “Dungeon Teleports” NPC, which is located to the left of the keystone vendor.

In the first testing cycle, there were multiple issues with the teleport NPC not being interactable for players on certain shards. This was solved by finding a way to another shard, usually via a group invite from a player on a shard with a working NPC. Blizzard later patched in a much larger version of the teleport NPC that Saturday afternoon to the left of the original one which seems to be working for everyone. While the NPC does list every dungeon available in Season one of Dragonflight Mythic +, only the ones that Blizzard has specified are open can be tested.

If the smaller Dungeon Teleports NPC does not work, try using the larger version!

With raid testing and now Mythic + in full swing, it does feel like we are getting into the end stages of Dragonflight Beta. While the new Thundering affix has certainly sparked some debate, Season one looks to have tremendous potential. The season will consist of four new Dragonflight dungeons and four returning instances in Halls of Valor, Courts of Stars, Temple of the Jade Serpent and Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. While we do have a bit of time before Dragonflights release, there is no better time than now to hop on beta and get a few runs in.


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