The Weekly Route: Fortified, Raging, Explosive, and Shrouded

This week's affixes are Fortified, Raging, Explosive, and Shrouded!

This might be the best remaining Fortified week of Shadowlands - Patch 10.0, the Dragonflight pre-patch, could plausibly arrive later this month, meaning we may only have two more Fortified weeks until then. When the pre-patch hits, you’ll no longer be able to earn rewards like the Keystone Master mount, and likely your score will be locked in. If this is indeed the second to last Fortified week, it’s probably your best shot to earn some Fortified score, as the next one will be Spiteful/Necrotic!

We’re also running a Break the Meta event this week, which offers some very exciting rewards if you’re able to complete keys without any of the most popular specs in your group!

These routes have 0-1 skips that require invis pots (or shroud, or in many cases other possibilities exist too!).

The Weekly Routes

Grimrail Depot [back to top]

There are a few abilities that can do a lot of damage in this dungeon, especially with Fortified and Raging active. One such ability that several players don’t know about is Flametongue from Cinderseers in the train cars - stop these and you’ll find that part of the dungeon to be much less deadly.

Iron Docks [back to top]

A few nicely hidden Shrouded mobs are off to the side and noted in this route! MDT now also features the ability to plan out the Iron Stars and what they’ll hit - use this as a guideline but note that you can miss a few mobs and it’ll be fine!

Effects that remove bleeds like Dwarf racial or Kyrian phial are extremely valuable in this dungeon against Footsoldiers and Wranglers - consider saving them for the Raging window on these enemies.

Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder [back to top]

Lots of extra Shrouded neutral mobs have been added to this dungeon - grab these during RP for stats and profit! We’re now recommending the left path instead of the right one after first boss - this is a great way to get a ton of Shrouded buffs very quickly, and to focus on a few dangerous enemies at once instead of a bunch of them!

We continue to recommend the left-hand path as a general easiest option in this dungeon, but note that some of the enemies are quite deadly while raging. Luckily there are few of them in each pull, so a single Soothe effect should be enough to carry you through this portion of the dungeon, and the small pull sizing also should minimize Explosive’s impact.

Tazavesh: So’leah’s Gambit [back to top]

There’s now a shrouded neutral pirate in the cave just after you kill the first boss! We’re now offering two routes, one of which skips Zul’gamux and the annoying Guardians. Zul’gamux’s stats are definitely valuable for the later bosses, so if you’re pushing high keys you’ll likely wish to mix and match and fight Zul’gamux but not the Guardians, but at lower levels the lethality of Zul’gamux in this dungeon in particular is often not worth worrying about!

Mechagon: Junkyard [back to top]

Junkyard has a weird mechanic where the Hard Mode robot will fly over one of the three bosses and move around after you kill a boss. The annoying part is that this rotates weekly but is different in different regions. Check to see if the boss is flying above Gunker - if it is, use the Trixie First route, otherwise use the Gunker First route.

Mechagon: Workshop [back to top]

The last pack of this dungeon is now skippable with Shroud or Invis pots, so we’ve adjusted our route to suggest this. You should still feel free to skip earlier in the dungeon if you’d prefer, such as Zul’gamux or the packs in the sewer, or of course simply pull the whole dungeon and avoid worrying about skipping anything at all!

Lower Karazhan [back to top]

After several nerfs to this dungeon we’ve come back in and re-tooled down to a single route. This route doesn’t use any skips aside from dying after Zul’gamux to get back to the start of the dungeon and head to Moroes.

There are a lot of options in this dungeon, and you can very profitably make use of Shrouds or Invis pots! If you’re playing with a consistent group, we’d recommend adding some trash elsewhere and skipping the Maiden hallway entirely. You can also consider if you’re interested in areas like the Kitchens or the spider area! Our route, however, is an attempt to avoid going super far over count while also only using Shrouds or Invis pots when the upside is tremendous, and we’ve found that in Lower Karazhan in particular, groups are often looking for a relatively straightforward plan. The death skip after Zul’gamux avoids going way over 100% count but otherwise we’re just grabbing packs that are directly in our way, while also doing Moroes -> Attumen -> Maiden to optimize Shrouded stacks for Maiden, traditionally the boss that groups prefer being most powerful for.

Upper Karazhan [back to top]

It’s a good idea to skip the two Damaged Golems near the start of the dungeon - you’ll almost never need the count from them and you can walk through the middle of the carpet to avoid both of them, or use a gateway to be sure nobody accidentally pulls one. We also recommend using Invis pots to skip to the chess event at the end of the dungeon and avoid some very dangerous enemies that also aren’t needed for Enemy Forces count. You can shroud this, just make sure to hug left around the Slayer pack!


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