The Weekly Route: Tyrannical, Bolstering, Explosive, and Shrouded

This week's affixes are Tyrannical, Bolstering, Explosive, and Shrouded!

This combination of affixes has historically been tough because of the slowing effect they all have on your timer, however this season in particular the dungeon pool tends to be failed not due to timer problems but due to wipes, so if you play carefully and pull safely you’ll both minimize these affixes and likely still not fall afoul of the timer!

These routes have 0-1 skips that require invis pots (or shroud, or in many cases other possibilities exist too!).

The Weekly Routes

Grimrail Depot [back to top]

Naturally small pulls in this dungeon mitigate the Bolstering affix nicely - just avoid pulling multiple packs at once in the train cars!

Iron Docks [back to top]

A few nicely hidden Shrouded mobs are off to the side and noted in this route! MDT now also features the ability to plan out the Iron Stars and what they’ll hit - use this as a guideline but note that you can miss a few mobs and it’ll be fine!

Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder [back to top]

Lots of extra Shrouded neutral mobs have been added to this dungeon (including at least one that isn’t in MDT yet) - grab these during RP for stats and profit! We’re now recommending the left path instead of the right one after first boss - not only is this great for on-death affixes like Bolstering, it’s also a great way to get a ton of Shrouded buffs very quickly!

Tazavesh: So’leah’s Gambit [back to top]

There’s now a shrouded neutral pirate in the cave just after you kill the first boss! Sanguine in the murloc area is of course a tremendous pain. We’re now offering two routes, one of which skips Zul’gamux and the annoying Guardians.

Mechagon: Junkyard [back to top]

Junkyard has a weird mechanic where the Hard Mode robot will fly over one of the three bosses and move around after you kill a boss. The annoying part is that this rotates weekly but is different in different regions.

The Gunker first route should work for the NA region this week. For EU, it’s likely instead going to need to be the Trixie first route.

Mechagon: Workshop [back to top]

This week, Blizzard changed Workshop so that you'll now need to just pull pretty much everything - if you have an older route delete it and just pull the whole dungeon!

Lower Karazhan [back to top]

We have two routes for this dungeon, one with no skips that goes Opera -> Maiden -> Moroes -> Attumen, and one with skips that goes Opera -> Moroes -> Attumen -> Maiden. They’re not actually that different any more beyond the boss order, and we may consolidate into one route in future weeks.

The TL;DR plan of the skips route is to skip everything up to the Opera event, then skip the Ushers afterwards (or even die and take the door to the left after you release!) and hop down to Moroes, then go to Attumen, take care of him, head back up to maiden grabbing some of the easy trash along the way until we hit 100%, at which point we take out Maiden, kill the boss with lust and all of our Shrouded buffs, collect the loot, and hearth out!

By contrast, the no skips route is a little more straightforward and fights a few of the more nasty enemies to avoid having to do all the skips and such.

Upper Karazhan [back to top]

This is a pretty good combination of affixes for Upper besides the Tyrannical boss fights! Also watch out for Explosives spawning off of Curator’s adds or Medivh’s birds!


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