The Weekly Route: Tyrannical, Quaking, Inspiring, and Shrouded

This week's affixes are Tyrannical, Quaking, Inspiring, and Shrouded!

We’ve now got routes available for each of the dungeons that are designed to make sure the Inspiring affix isn’t too nasty. These are preliminary routes and we’ve got a few notes for each dungeon but make sure to stay tuned because in the coming weeks we will continue to refine these and offer more thorough advice to counter the affixes of the week!

Click on a Copy Route link for any dungeon to copy the MDT string for that route, so you can then paste it into the the "Import" window of your Mythic Dungeon Tools addon and get the route for yourself!

These routes have 0-1 skips that require invis pots (or shroud, or in many cases other possibilities exist too!) - except for Lower Karazhan where we’re offering one route with 0 skips and one route with many. If you want more efficiency you can and should deviate from these plans, though of course feel free to use them as a starting point!

The Weekly Routes

Grimrail Depot [back to top]

The first Inspiring of the dungeon is nasty so you can just walk past it and hit 100% by holding W and pulling everything else.

Iron Docks [back to top]

A few nicely hidden Shrouded mobs are off to the side and noted in this route! It also assumes you’ll miss some of the Iron Star-able enemies - if you can hit them all you can drop a pull or two!

Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder [back to top]

Lots of extra Shrouded neutral mobs have been added to this dungeon (including at least one that isn’t in MDT yet) - grab these during RP for stats and profit!

Tazavesh: So’leah’s Gambit [back to top]

There’s now a shrouded neutral pirate in the cave just after you kill the first boss!

Mechagon: Junkyard [back to top]

Junkyard has a weird mechanic where the Hard Mode robot will fly over one of the three bosses and move around after you kill a boss. The annoying part is that this rotates weekly but is different in different regions.

This route works for NA servers, it’s untested on the others - if it ever tells you to fight mobs where the hard mode extra robots are spawning, do NOT do that! You’ll need to deviate. In future weeks we’ll try to either offer routes that work for at least the NA and EU servers, or offer two separate routes.

Mechagon: Workshop [back to top]

It’s difficult but worthwhile to skip the very last pack in this dungeon if you can - it is pretty dangerous. You can death skip or warlock gateway it, but you can’t shroud or invis since it has true sight. Because this is so hard to setup, our route doesn’t include that - if you can you should either skip that pull or one of the pulls before the second boss.

Lower Karazhan [back to top]

We have two routes for this dungeon, one with no skips that goes Opera -> Maiden -> Moroes -> Attumen, and one with skips that goes Opera -> Moroes -> Attumen -> Maiden and uses several massive and complicated skips through the dungeon.

The TL;DR plan of the skips route is to skip everything up to the Opera event, then skip the Ushers afterwards and hop down to Moroes, then go through the kitchens and grab all of those enemies, skip the guardhouse down to Attumen, take care of him, head back up to maiden grabbing some of the easy trash along the way until we hit 100%, at which point we skip to maiden, kill the boss with lust and all of our Shrouded buffs, collect the loot, and hearth out!

By contrast, the no skips route is much more straightforward and fights a few of the more nasty enemies to avoid having to do all the skips and such.

Upper Karazhan [back to top]

This is currently our only route that skips Zul’gamux - it gives a lot of count and 3 stacks of your stat buff but in this dungeon in particular the count is useless since it’s so easy to hit 100% from other sources. In future weeks we’ll evaluate whether Zul’gamux is worth the time in both this and other dungeons - it’s an open question! This route also uses one invis pot skip towards the end of the dungeon - if you don’t have those, just hold W and pull the mobs and go a little over count.


About the Author

Dratnos hosts the The Titanforge WoW Podcast. He’s also an Officer in the World 29th guild poptart corndoG, whose raids he streams on Twitch, and is a commentator for events such as the MDI and the Race to World First!