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All-Warrior +20 Plaguefall TIMED for Charity!

Many of you are likely familiar with DesMephisto. He is a Warrior, an avid collector, a soon-to-be father, and a veritable champion for Disabled and Autistic gamers. DesMephisto is well known for many aspects of his career as a content creator, but particularly for his annual charity drive supporting the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. DesMephisto’s “Warriors for Autism” event has to date raised over $25,000.00 for this very worthy cause. He is very passionate about raising funds for ASAN, not just because it is an organization that supports Autistics, but specifically how they approach this support. We encourage you to check out their website to learn more!

Each year, DesMephisto puts on his “Warriors for Autism” charity drive, which lasts for a full month and includes exciting in-game events, on-stream shenanigans, and tons of giveaways and prizes! The scheduled events actually started yesterday, with DesMephisto and some friends putting on quite a show doing some Mythic+ Keystones with a full 5-Warrior group! This wasn’t just some +5s or +10s for a little bit of fun, they really went for the gusto and managed to time a +20 Plaguefall with a group made up of only Warriors… a world first!

Read on for some details on how they made this run happen, and to learn more about the other amazing events DesMephisto has planned all month-long to help raise awareness, and even more money, for ASAN!

The Dungeon

After barely timing a +19 Sanguine Depths, our formidable crew of Warriors found themselves facing a +20 Plaguefall Keystone. The question: were they up to the task? The answer: you betcha!

“It felt amazing timing an all-warrior +20! I was skeptical at first given the +20s I’ve already done and struggled with. Especially since the +19... we were only 10 seconds off failing”- DesMephisto

Running a composition of 1 Protection Warrior and 4 Fury Warriors, our unrelenting team included Chugnzug in the Tank role, and Kushs, Robwarr, and Vyethol joining DesMephisto as the DPS. We asked DesMephisto to break down some of the strategies they employed to tackle this +20 Plaguefall as a full group of Warriors, keeping in mind they had no healer and not even a single Hybrid class to toss some off-heals!

The talent breakdown for the DPS Fury Warriors was as follows, with the most important talent choice being Impending Victory, which was the source of almost all of their healing done and received. Without this talent choice, this run likely would not have been successful!

They opted for what DesMephisto explains are pretty standard choices for Mythic+ soulbinds and conduits, including Condensed Anima Sphere which contributes to their self-healing abilities. This was made even more effective when combined with the Inspiring Presence conduit, which increases both the amount of health gained and duration of Rallying Cry.

Covenant-wise, Chugnzug opted for Necrolord, while all 4 Fury Warriors went Kyrian. The Kyrian choice was mostly related to the fact that it is simply the best Covenant option for AoE damage for Fury due to Spear of Bastion, which was obviously going to be pretty impactful for timing a +20 dungeon. Additionally, the Phial of Serenity available to all Kyrian was especially useful to remove the particularly deadly Infectious Rain disease ability of the dungeon’s final boss, Margrave Stradama.

Due to Sanguine being one of this week’s affixes, the group of Wondrous Warriors had to pay special attention to their usage of Spear of Bastion, as its tethering effect could potentially be disastrous if it held a group of mobs in place in a pool of Sanguine! According to DesMephisto, Chugnzug did an excellent job keeping the mobs inside the Spears while also ensuring they were outside of any Sanguine pools. Not an easy feat!

We asked DesMephisto if there were any parts of the dungeon that they had to employ special strategies for, or that turned out to be particularly difficult. They expected the mobs on the island to be one of the toughest parts of the entire dungeon as they do a lot of unavoidable damage. They actually used the invisibility effect from the Wo Relic at this point in the run to try and avoid this trash. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out as planned as one of their DPS ended up dying and couldn’t get back to them without a death-run. The other biggest threat they were concerned about was the Infectious Rain disease from Margrave Stradama. However, they were able to do enough damage to push through the timing of that phase to reduce how many applications they received. This fact combined with their Phial of Serenity usage and talent choices allowed them to effectively self-heal through the damage! DesMephisto did have one unfortunate death himself on Doctor Ickus when his Crushing Blow caused him to charge right into the boss’s jump attack!

Watch the full run for yourself here:

Warriors for Autism Charity Events

As we mentioned, yesterday’s foray into all-warrior Mythic+ Keystones was only the first of a month-long charity drive under DesMephisto’s “Warriors for Autism” banner.

“I’ve always felt connected to the idea of a Warrior, someone who faces the thick of danger and takes on the world to fight for what they believe in... someone taking on a mantle to fight to survive... As a Disabled person, I can relate to getting knocked on my ass a lot and getting back up to face the challenge.” - DesMephisto

There are a ton more events planned all month long, giving everyone an opportunity to tune in on DesMephisto’s Twitch Channel and show support for him and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. This also means lots of opportunities to win some of the amazing prizes and giveaways DesMephisto has planned, as well as opportunities to contribute (if you have the means) to this truly awe-inspiring organization and the incredible work they do. To donate to the Warriors for Autism charity drive, you can find the information on the stream, or click here for the Tiltify link.

Here’s the full schedule of planned events, so mark your calendars accordingly, and for more info on the events, giveaway prizes and donation milestones, check out this great article by Wowhead!


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