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Tazavesh Mythic+ Guide: Streets of Wonder and So'leah's Gambit

As mentioned in our recent inside look on Patch 9.2, Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, is joining the Mythic+ dungeon circuit for Season 3! Much like Return to Karazhan in Legion or Operation: Mechagon in BFA, Tazavesh is this expansion’s “megadungeon” that will be split into two separate Mythic+ instances. Not only will these two Tazavesh dungeons be great sources of gear, but completing them will be necessary towards accruing the required Mythic+ Rating to upgrade your pieces!

The 8 bosses of Tazavesh are split into two different keystones:

  • Streets of Wonder: This dungeon contains the first five bosses and is the source of the exciting melee trinket called Ticking Sack of Terror among other items.
  • So’leah’s Gambit: This dungeon contains the final three bosses and drops So’leah’s Secret Technique, which could be a good trinket for many specs!

In this article, we’ll break down the most important mechanics and tactics to help you hit the ground running in both of the Tazavesh keystones.

Table of Contents

Streets of Wonder

Streets of Wonder is a lengthy dungeon with a 39-minute timer. You’ll want to resist the temptation to skip trash early; many of the trash mobs at the end are quite deadly and are less efficient sources of Enemy Forces count.

While there are many moderately important spells worth interrupting at the start of the dungeon, the ground effects are particularly important to avoid. Disruption Grenades from Customs Security mobs are dangerous swirlies that will damage and knock you back if you don’t avoid them. The Beam Splicer from Armored Overseers and Tracker Zo’korss is a slowly-spinning laser beam that stacks a massive damage over time (DoT) effect if it hits you.

The first boss, Zo’phex, requires careful positioning to make sure your damage dealers are not attacking from the direction from which the boss is shielded. You can either move the boss in a circle to keep this shield always pointed at the edge of the room, or you can position the boss centrally and have players move to avoid casting into it. Everyone needs to avoid the spinning blades on the floor and run to their own weapons whenever they are disarmed. Zo’phex will frequently choose a player to fixate after a short windup, so they will need to run away during this time period. Once the channel finishes, the target will be imprisoned in a cell that you’ll need to destroy before the boss reaches them. Be careful during this mechanic, as the boss will murder anyone directly in front of it as it moves!

After the first boss dies, you’ll generally want to head right rather than left. Look out for stealthed Cartel Skulkers and large packs of enemies. Clear through to the bazaar outside of Myza’s Oasis. Here, one player will need to complete a short roleplaying event while the rest of the group protects them from spawning enemies. Whoever is doing the event, generally a DPS player or healer (ideally someone with a mobility ability such as Blink), needs to bring various items to the correct vendors. Eventually, they’ll learn the password to Myza’s Oasis, where the next boss awaits.

The boss encounter in Myza’s Oasis requires each of you to pick an instrument! The drums player will be rooted and should generally be a ranged player or the healer (don’t put a Mistweaver Monk or a Holy Paladin on drums duty though)! While each instrument works slightly differently, your goal is to hit all of the notes that appear — some of which will happen during the actual boss fight!

After Myza’s Oasis, you can quickly reach the P.O.S.T. Master, whose room is quite full of trash mobs. Defective Sorters should be stunned on their Open Cage to prevent them from either adding an extra enemy to the pull or releasing a bunch of untargetable chickens that will stun you upon contact!

The P.O.S.T. Master boss encounter is quite straightforward. Soak the purple circles to avoid the ground getting too polluted, soak the yellow circle to avoid the targeted player dying (or have them use an immunity), and get the Fan Mail to whichever portal is active before the timers expire! Although you’ll be slowed when you pick up mail, you can throw the mail to other party members to speed up the process of getting it to the portal. However, if the throw misses, the mail will explode and deal very heavy group-wide damage…so be careful when passing mail to your teammates!

Between the P.O.S.T. Master and the Grand Menagerie are some fairly difficult and inefficient trash mobs. Therefore, consider skipping through this area with either a Wo Cypher, (if the key is high enough to have the Encrypted affix), an invisibility potion, or a Rogue’s Shroud of Concealment. The Grand Menagerie also has some roleplaying before the fight begins, so you can save some time by either sending a player ahead or pulling the previous pack into the boss room.

The Grand Menagerie is a fantastic fight consisting of three bosses: Alcruux, Achillite, and Venza Goldfuse. The first boss, Alcruux, is fairly simple. However, it does add an important mechanic for later: Gluttony. Whoever has this debuff damages anyone else that gets too close to them and, whenever it expires, it jumps to the nearest player. When Achillite comes down, the person with Gluttony is the only one who can safely soak the anima orbs that it ejects. For that player, each Volatile Anima orb soaked is a nice stacking DPS increase, whereas anyone else touching the orb will take very heavy damage. You’ll also want to quickly break through the shield that the second boss applies to itself so that you can interrupt the brutal Flagellation Protocol that it uses on the tank. When the second boss dies, its corpse remains spewing out anima orbs. Therefore, players with Gluttony should continue to soak during the third boss, Venza Goldfuse. This is because everyone will need to run away whenever she casts Whirling Annihilation. You’ll also want to break the Chains of Domination she roots players with, although those players can escape with a physical immunity or any ability that breaks roots.

After the Grand Menagerie, you’ll need to clear up to the elevator in the middle of the marketplace. This is guarded by a miniboss that will knock your tank back (unless they get a lucky parry or dodge) with every Power Kick. This is a very strong knockback, so it should be aimed at a nearby wall to minimize the disruption. Every so often, two players will also be linked with Lethal Force. Linked players will need to run away from each other because, if they touch, they’ll each get a serious DoT.

The last boss, So’azmi, is all about portal use. Figure out which portals will get you to where you need to go in advance to make the fight easier. There are two mechanics that require the use of So’azmi’s portals. The first mechanic is the expanding nova (Shuri) that she’ll throw throughout the fight; use the portals to get inside the nova without being hit. The second mechanic is Double Technique, where you’ll need to use the portals to get into the same part of the room as the boss and then interrupt it twice to stop the cast.

So’leah’s Gambit

In So’leah’s Gambit, you’ll begin in Stormheim with a bunch of murloc packs. You can skip a lot of them but you will need to reach 38% Enemy Forces before you kill the first boss if you want to avoid backtracking. The murloc packs are very annoying, as they’ll flee upon low health and could potentially grab several more packs to overwhelm you. Save stuns, slows, and knocks to keep the murlocs from running away. You’ll also want to use stuns/stops on the Murkbrine Scalebinders whenever they try to create Invigorating Fish Sticks; if a cast gets off, you’ll notice all of the murlocs healing and you will need to immediately swap and take the Invigorating Fish Stick out! You can also fight the patrolling giants in this area. They are sort of like Void Emissaries from the Beguiling affix of BFA’s Season 3 in that they’ll keep casting a stomp that deals increasing levels of damage the longer this ability continues to cast. Nuke the giants down quickly and save defensives for the later casts.

The first boss, Hylbrande, is somewhat tricky. You’ll need to dodge Hylbrande’s frontal while also avoiding the Sanitizing Field on the ground. This is spawned from a laser that targets and chases players, so the targeted players should move carefully to avoid polluting important real estate throughout the room. Adds will spawn that need to be killed quickly; they’ll do a few casts that can be interrupted but, if they live to the boss’ Sanitizing Cycle, they’ll prevent you from using one of the consoles until they are killed! During the intermission, one player goes to the console at the front of the room and tells the rest of the group the correct positions to deposit each of the four orbs that spawn near the middle of the room. Ideally, this is done over voice chat or using a WeakAura like Tazavesh Console, but typing it out in /party or /yell works in a pinch if you have enough WPM!

After Hylbrande, you’ll portal to Boralus, where you’ll take care of some pirate trash before fighting Timecap’n Hooktail. This is a dangerous boss where positioning is imperative and requires some finesse. The tank needs to aim the boss’ Infinite Breath so that it hits as many adds as possible with each cast. Otherwise, they’ll get a massive buff from the boss if they are left alive for too long! Whenever Timecap’n Hooktail is not busy doing something else, it will also cast a nasty tail swipe on any players caught behind. Therefore, be very careful when moving and turning this boss! You’ll also need to watch out for cannon barrages and, to top it all off, players will sometimes get chained towards the boat. Furthermore, if you spend time in the water, a shark will come and one-shot you. This is potentially the trickiest boss in the dungeon and a huge burden for boss positioning as movement relies upon your tank.

You’ll then return to Tazavesh where Adorned Starseer mobs are waiting to ruin your day. Their Wandering Pulsars need to be quickly swapped to and killed because they do heavy group-wide pulsing damage. Meanwhile, the Starseers will try to murder random party members with very fast moving Drifting Star projectiles. Before So’leah, you’ll need to deal with a pull of two of these nasty enemies at once, which can be a great place for Bloodlust on Fortified weeks.

So’leah herself has several mechanics to worry about. In phase one, you’ll want to stun and kill the Assassins she summons before they teleport away. If they do manage to retreat, it’s not the end of the world; however, you will need to interrupt them or else it will be the end of the world. So’leah will also cast Collapsing Star, which spawns with 4 charges and loses a charge each time someone runs into its radius. This causes a large DoT on the whole group, which stacks if you don’t let it expire before running into the star again. After 25 seconds, the star will disappear and any remaining charges will happen all at once.

While handling this mechanic sounds like a healer job, it is often best to have a Tank or Melee DPS player do it instead since the knockback would hurt the healer’s ability to top the group back up quickly. Ideally, the player in charge of running into the star should wait until the party’s health bars are topped off and once the previous stack has expired. Communicating with your healer can help you know when it’s safe to go in. In theory, you can have multiple people doing this job to speed it up; but in practice, the 25 seconds are more than enough. One person having this responsibility is safer in most groups to minimize the chance of accidental multi-stacking!

Phase 2 begins with the boss healing to full and ascending into something like an Archon out of StarCraft II. She’ll then start casting Hyperlight Jolt, which needs to be aimed so that it hits every relic on the ground around her. This is easiest if each person runs directly to a different relic and makes sure that the jolt will hit that relic. If you miss any, you’ll need to try again and the damage will increase. The boss will then cause each relic in turn to shoot out very dangerous projectiles; failing to dodge these is one of the most common ways to wipe on this fight! Another Collapsing Star will spawn, and the boss will do a Hyperlight Nova around herself and all of the Relics. Ideally, you will soak one stack as soon as the Collapsing Star spawns before fleeing from the novas. However, if you can’t get there in time, the 25 second timer leaves a little room for error. Once this overlap finishes, the mechanics ease up for a while since the boss then casts them one at a time for the rest of the encounter.


That’s it for the two Tazavesh Mythic+ dungeons! While we’ve pointed out some of the most important mechanics and strategies in this article, you should still experiment with the new dungeons and see if you find a plan that works better for you.

If you wish to read a comprehensive guide of every mechanic in both Streets of Wonder and So’leah’s Gambit, you can also check out the Tazavesh guides by Wowhead or Tanknotes!


About the Author

Dratnos hosts the The Titanforge WoW Podcast. He’s also an Officer in the World 36th guild poptart corndoG, and a commentator for events such as the MDI and the Race to World First! He streams on Twitch, where he likes to review his friends’ logs.