Legion Timewalking: Dungeon Paths and Tips

The Legion Timewalking event is right around the corner!

Are you feeling a bit rusty in remembering some of the old Legion Dungeons? Is this your first time running them? Have no fear! We’ve got you covered with some basic tips and tricks for the dungeons, as well as some paths from Dratnos to optimize your routes!


  • The routes shown in this article do not contain bosses, so just do bosses as you’re near them or when Bloodlust comes up.
  • Some enemies might not be marked that should be; in general, if there's a pull that has all but one enemy marked, assume it's just a technical error and you should kill the whole pull rather than trying to find a way to skip that one linked mob.
  • When in doubt, there are notes in the following routes that provide further clarifications.
  • If you'd rather not do any skips that's fine; you can just pull in a straight line. However, if you pull in a linear fashion, just know that you'll go way over enemy forces count in these Legion dungeons, which will cost you time. Try your best to avoid any mobs that aren't on the routes.
  • Keep in mind that this article does not provide an exhaustive list of mechanics but rather the most important things you should know about each section of the dungeons. “Don’t stand in fire” style mechanics aren’t referenced unless they have some sort of special quirk to them.


Black Rook Hold

Head through whichever gate is open as soon as you start the dungeon and deal with the trash and minibosses on the way to the first boss. If you have the option of using invisibility, this is a great time to use it to skip the initial trash packs as defeating the first boss immediately gives you a new checkpoint.

Important Abilities:


DPS and Healers: Avoid the Swirling Scythe and run away from the group if you are targeted by Soul Echoes; it will make you poop out little void zones every second for 4 seconds, so stutter-step to try to overlap the puddles without standing in it.

Tanks: Keep the boss facing away from the group and move behind him to avoid his big 180-degree frontal Reap Soul. Tank the boss closer to the edge of the arena to allow your group a larger safe zone.

Everyone: At 50% health, Amalgam of Souls will summon 7 adds from the edge of the room and start channeling Soul Burst. Kill the adds before they reach him as each one that he eats will increase the damage of Soul Burst (CC and Stuns work here!). Even when done properly on higher Tyrannical keys, you may need to pop a defensive to survive the damage. Alternatively, one mob can be CC’d with spells such as a Druid’s Entangling Roots to extend the phase for a long period of time. However, keep in mind that you will eventually want to kill this add before the next time Phase 2 comes around (if you are expecting another Phase 2), as more adds will spawn that you need to take care of before they reach the boss.

If you are overgeared and it’s a lower key, you may be able to race the clock and just burn him down before the 30 seconds are up, ignoring the adds. Alternatively, if you happen to have a group of full immunity classes you can also ignore the adds and DPS him down, just popping your immunities when he casts Soul Burst.

Hopefully no one in your group has Arachnophobia because you’re about to be dealing with a LOT of spiders in a very small zone. Pull them all the way up the stairs till you reach a little alcove and the big spider comes out. Careful of the puddles they drop when they die.

As you enter the main hall, be VERY careful of the trash in this room. It is dangerous, easily chain pulls together, and can get out of hand very quickly. Only pull multiple packs if you and your group are comfortable with all of the mechanics.

Use the pillars and walls in the room to do as many line of sight pulls as possible as there are lots of Archers to deal with. As soon as you clear the room, hop behind the pillar on the right as an extra group of adds will jump down.

Important Abilities:


DPS and Healers: Stay spread out for the most part but move in closer if you get a red arrow over your head for Dark Rush (don’t stack tight just be in a similar area of the platform to avoid too much fire on the ground).

Tanks: Put up some mitigation for Vengeful Shear casts; it’s no longer an Active Mitigation check but can still hit hard.

Everyone: When she enters Phase 2, she will fixate players with Eye Beam which follows the target and leaves fire wherever it hits. Try to kite it to the edges of the room to keep the platform as clean as possible. She will also summon 2 adds: a Risen Arcanist and a Soul-Torn Vanguard (tanks, remember to dodge the Bonebreaking Strike frontal). Prioritize killing the Arcanist first.

Time to remember the joy of the age-old Legion tradition of laughing at your friends when they get hit by boulders. Run up the staircase, dodging the rocks that are rolling down. As soon as someone makes it to the top, the rocks will stop so feel free to just send your fastest or most….aware party member to stop it for everyone else.

Important Abilities:

  • Wrathguard Bladelord: Stun Brutal Assault. If a stun isn’t available, the tank should kite.
  • Bladelords: Soothe the Enrage at sub 25% health or DPS them down one at a time so that multiple mobs aren’t enraged at the same time.
  • Wyrmtongue Scavengers can be unpredictable based on the buff they get, but for the most part, prioritize DPS and stuns on the ones that get the Frenzy Potion buff and dodge the Indigestion frontal.

Once you get past the boulders, the next staircase is a gauntlet; it’s really up to the group’s comfort level if you want to pull it all at once or do it in sections. If you’re doing it all in one go, make sure you go all the way into the boss room and kill the Felspite Dominators to make the Fel Bat Pups stop spawning. If you’re doing it in sections, the staircase landings make good little stopping points to give your group a bit more room to spread out. You can also skip it with invisibility but make sure you have a second way to invis on your way out of the boss room too!

Important Abilities:
  • The Fel Bat Pups will fixate on random players, so especially if you have a lot of bats alive, make sure DPS and healers are ready to kite if they are fixated. Slows and AoE CCs help a lot here.
  • Felspite Dominators: Interrupt the Felfrenzy


DPS and Healers: Be aware of the location of the Fel Bats around the room if you are targeted by Fel Vomit to avoid putting the line through the party — try to keep it to the side of the rooms.

Tanks: Use mitigation and plan defensive cooldowns to cover the initial cast and the subsequent damage-taken increase from Brutal Haymaker. More mitigation during this fight is great, as his energy gain is determined by how much he melees the tank for. Even if you’re not in danger, using damage reduction cooldowns and externals will make the entire fight smoother.

Everyone: He will target the person furthest away from him with Hateful Charge which leaves behind a debuff increasing subsequent hits of it. Rotate who is furthest away from him if you have enough ranged DPS, or have another player stand between Smashsmite and the targeted player to intercept it instead. Either way, don’t let anyone take more than 1 stack of the debuff unless you’re also using physical immunities for the damage.

Head up the next set of stairs to get to the boss room. The trash on the stairs is fairly simple to deal with, don’t stand in bad and tanks keep mitigation or a cooldown up for Coup de Grace by Risen Swordsman (it hits hard!).


Before you start, hold all 2+ minute long DPS cooldowns until Phase 2 when the boss casts the Legacy of the Ravencrest on the party as it increases your damage done by 300%. If you have cooldowns that last more than 20 seconds, wait until after the first Dreadlord’s Guile cast to use them

Phase 1
Tanks: Put up mitigation for Unerring Shear and move the boss away from the Whirling Blades.

Everyone: Keep a close eye on Latosius, a Night Elf floating around the arena. He will cast Dark Blast in a straight line out in front of him and you don’t want to get caught in it.

Phase 2
Everyone:After the boss transforms into his demon form, you have a few seconds before his first Shadow Bolt Volley. On most higher key levels, it is ESSENTIAL that everyone in the group has some sort of defensive (or even several) rolling for this first cast; on higher keys immunities and heavy defensives become needed. You need to survive this first cast in order to get the Legacy of the Ravencrest buff applied to you shortly afterwards, which makes future casts fairly trivial to survive.

The Dark Blast mechanic gets much deadlier here and turns into Dreadlord’s Guile — 12 blasts rotating through the center of the room that will move you either clockwise or counterclockwise along the edge. Dodge puddles and DPS swarms off your friends as you go around.

Court of Stars

You kick this dungeon off with a nice boat ride into the heart of Suramar City; trigger this by using the signal lantern at the end of the dock — don’t forget to tease the party member who has the slowest boat for being slow to click!

Immediately after being dropped off by the boats, head to the left and up the stairs. In the first main area, you’ll see a large Arcane Beacon on the right-hand side of the first zone. There are 5 of these in total and you can click them to disable them. The Arcane Beacons can be used by the trash in the area to summon more adds, and will also be used by the first boss to summon adds during the boss fight. Disabling them can take more time but will reduce the danger in the first part of the dungeon.

Important Abilities:


You don’t need to clear the whole room but make sure you leave a decent amount of space for your group to move around. Disable the 3 Arcane beacons in this room before the fight begins if you want an easier time. Alchemists and Rogues can poison the flask in the middle of the room before the fight starts. This means that Captain Gerdo dies at 25% health so it is a HUGE time saver.

Healers: Dispel any Resonant Slash debuffs if someone gets caught and you can dispel Arcane Lockdown off yourself or ranged casters so they don’t lose DPS.

Everyone:If you left Arcane Beacons up, he will summon adds from them at 75% health. They need to be prioritized and Hinder needs to be interrupted as much as possible. Move to his side for Resonant Slash casts and jump to remove stacks of Arcane Lockdown.

After getting to the next area, the second boss in the instance is actually a group of 4 mobs that must be separated and fought individually. Take a look at the map below to determine which distractions, traps and buffs are available to your party. Keep in mind not all of these options will be available to you in a single run.

Minibosses can be drawn out with distractions and traps (shown on the map above) or by killing Felbound Enforcer mobs. The Discarded Junk Trap (usable by Hunters and Blacksmiths) is unique in that not only does it summon a miniboss, it also insta kills them if they are kited over the trap.

Important Abilities:


Everyone:This fight is a test of your coordination and ability to move together as a group. She casts Infernal Eruption very often throughout the fight which leaves little fire swirlies on the floor under everyone’s feet that explode shortly after. The best way to deal with this mechanic is to stack tightly together and move as a group either clockwise or anti-clockwise after each cast. When the swirlies explode, Infernal Imps will spawn from each one, DPS them down quickly.

Interrupt Withering Soul each time it’s cast.

Party time! Speak to Ly'leth Lunastre who is standing in front of the building, and she will give you a disguise. Once you’re all dressed up, it’s time to find the spy! Go into the party and talk to the 5 Chatty Rumormongers to get clues on what the spy looks like. When you think you’ve found them, talk to them and if you’re right you’ll have to wait for them to RP walk all the way up the stairs and onto a balcony to fight him. Or….if you have a Demon Hunter they can just use Spectral Sight after all 5 clues have been obtained to see the spy.

Gerenth the Vile is fairly easy to fight. Tanks should face him away for his frontal Carrion Swarm and healers should dispel Cripple. It’s common to have a healer or DPS leave at about 15-20% health left on Gerenth to go open the door to the final boss room, which starts the RP.


Everyone: Stay spread out and move to the edge of the room if targeted by Blade Surge. This will leave a bleed on the player targeted (and anyone close by) but more importantly, also leaves a copy of Advisor Melandrus that casts Slicing Maelstrom and Piercing Gale whenever the boss does.

There is a lot to dodge and a lot of damage going out on this fight so burn this boss as quickly as possible and use defensive abilities and health potions liberally — physical damage immunities especially are VERY useful in the later part of the encounter.

Healers: This is going to be an especially rough fight for you as it goes on. There is a lot of unavoidable damage going out due to Slicing Maelstrom and it gets harder as more and more Images spawn. Communicate well with your group about when you want them to use their defensives so that they aren’t used needlessly when you have your own cooldowns up.

Darkheart Thicket

Right off the hop, you can do a bigger pull using a little snapping trick. If you run to the mushroom-looking plant marked on our path, the tank can jump on top of it, which prevents the Frenzied Nightclaws from jumping to DPS and healers Frantic Rip (this is as long as the tank has control of the mobs, so give your tank a moment to generate sufficient threat). Alternatively, you can also use another plant further up the path and to the right to snap these mobs. However, you’ll want to avoid pulling as many bears as possible in here, so we advise that you keep to the path and be very careful where you place AoE ground effects.

Important Abilities:


Tanks: Tank him with your back to the various stones in the area or against the barrier that closes off the boss arena; he does a frontal cone Primal Rampage with a knockback ability while in his bear form, which will make him run into the stone instead of running away so that your melee DPS don’t have to chase him down.

Healers: The Grievous Tear bleed will be applied to a random player and the tank. To remove the bleed, these players must be healed to over 90% health.

Everyone: Rotate around the arena to stay out of the Nightfall puddles and kite Nightmare Abominations away from the group when fixated.

This next section of the dungeon can get VERY messy with ground effects, so have a plan with your group about what direction you want to kite in (either forward to chain pull into more mobs, or backwards to handle each pack separately). Things can get very out of hand very quickly here as the Rotheart Dryads like to leap around but the mechanics are not much more complicated than “don’t stand in bad” for the most part.

Important Abilities:


Everyone: Move out of the Strangling Roots when they spawn under you. You can also kill the roots to make some space or if someone is trapped in them. Alternatively, you can use a physical or movement immunity to clear them (if this still works in the Timewalking version of Darkheart Thicket). Adds will pop out of them every once in a while, so try to keep them under control unless it is going to be a quick boss fight. Don’t stand right in front of the roots, as Shattered Earth will knock you back every so often.

Tank and Healer: The boss will cast Crushing Grip on the tank for 5 seconds before throwing them back down. Coordinate externals, healing, and cooldowns for this fight — especially on higher keys as the Crushing Grip is magic damage, so most mitigation won’t affect it.

Tank:Keep the boss facing away from the group for the frontal and pick up the adds when they spawn.

This next trash section has the potential to snowball out of control as moving close to the Corrupted Dragon Eggs will spawn adds — everyone should try their best to avoid spawning any of these eggs, it will be good practice for the boss fight!

Important Abilities:


Everyone: Same rules as the trash before it: Standing near the eggs summons adds, but now the stakes are raised. For added fun, the boss is going to try to get you to step on them! All players need to move as close as possible INSIDE Dresaron’s hitbox during Down Draft — to be clear, I didn’t say around him or next to him, be INSIDE his hitbox as close to the middle as possible to have an easy time with the pushback. Movement speed increases, teleports, and charges are a big help here.

Be ready to move right after Earthshaking Roar as you want to get out of the rocks it spawns ASAP.

Tanks: Sidestep the Breath of Corruption frontal. Keep the boss close to the middle of the room to make sure everyone has room during Down Draft and move him when things are getting too crowded with falling rocks.

A straight shot to the final boss room here, skip what you can but pulling in a straight line is also fine.

Important Abilities:


Healers: Dispel Festering Rip off players and focus your healing on anyone targeted by Feed on the Weak. Save a major cooldown or group defensive for the Apocalyptic Nightmare cast at 50% health.

Tanks: In the last half of the fight, make sure Xavius is not hit by Apocalyptic Fire, as it will buff him.

Everyone: You will want to stay spread out by default in preparation for Growing Paranoia as it can proc right as it’s applied. That being said, stay relatively close to at least one other group member in case you need to cuddle for Waking Nightmare. Use a BIG defensive or magical immunity for Apocalyptic Nightmare when he reaches 50% health.

Eye of Azshara

To start off this dungeon, if you aren’t using invisibility to skip the first few packs, hug the left-hand side to minimize the trash you need to pull.

Important Abilities:


DPS: Use Bloodlust at roughly 30% health so that you burn through his Enrage phase faster.

Tank: Pick up threat on the 2 adds summoned with Call Reinforcements and keep the boss facing away from the group for Crashing Wave.

Everyone: If you are targeted by Impaling Spear, run behind one of the adds so that it intercepts the hit for you. Interrupt the Hatecoil Crestrider when she casts Restoration but just cleave the adds down while using them to intercept the spear, don’t focus them down.

Try to skip as much of the next trash as possible. Your goal is to find and kill 2 Hatecoil Arcanists in order to engage the next boss.

Important Abilities:


Tank: Pick up threat on all of the Saltsea Globules during Beckon Storm.

Healer:Focused Lightning is unavoidable damage and can get pretty scary in higher key levels. Communicate with your group to make sure that they are using their own defensives when you don’t have big cooldowns up for them.

Everyone: Hop on the Islands during her Static Nova cast and hop off the islands and back into the water (and spread out) for her Focused Lightning cast. If you are fixated by a Tornado, kite it away from the little islands so that the land does not get destroyed.

If you get the Curse of the Witch debuff, make sure you position yourself in a way that you won’t knock anyone away with your frontal when it expires or is dispelled — you can also use it to kill the Saltsea Globule adds to speed up the fight!

The area around Serpentrix needs to be cleared in full, as you will be using that entire arena to fight the boss. This is a great place to really channel the old Legion pull styles and do some big pulls if you’re comfortable with it — even chaining 2-3 packs is good! Just make sure your tank is ready to kite, and AoE CC the mobs. Make sure you communicate well with your team.

Important Abilities:

  • Before you listen to our advice from above on pulling big — BEWARE THE SEAGULLS! These little guys are no joke and should not be pulled with any big pack. They should be cleared from the area before you pull the boss. The Seagulls will blind their main threat target (the tank) for 4 seconds with Blinding Peck, causing them to drop threat.
  • Tanks should be careful of face-tanking too many Seaspray Crabs, as Jagged Claws stacks can get very high — if you pull a lot of them, kite!
  • Makrana Hardshell: Interrupt Armorshell Shrapnel
  • Makrana Siltwalker: Sidestep frontal - Spray Sand
  • Don’t stand behind the Stormwake Hydra and dodge its various bright blue mechanics.


DPSWhen Serpentrix splits at 66% health and 33% health, DPS the red head down first and then the purple one. Interrupt their casts as much as possible to help the healer out.

Tank: When he splits at 66% health and 33% health, keep following and tanking the main green head. If you take too long to get to him, interrupt Rampage.

Healer: The intermission phase when the heads split will be the most healing-intensive period. There will be a lot of AoE group damage going out while the red head is alive.

Everyone: If you are targeted by Toxic Wound, move away from the party and put your puddles in a place that won’t block off movement later in the fight.

As before, follow the path to the next boss but try to avoid pulling unnecessary trash as there is a lot in here. All of the murlocs are pretty scary to tanks so burn them down quickly and use CC as much as possible.

Important Abilities:


Tank: Dodge the large Ground Slam circle and save cooldowns for later in the fight when he Frenzies. Be smart about how you position the boss if you have a lot of melee, as you can very quickly run out of room if you don’t plan ahead.

Everyone: Move out of Quake quickly to avoid taking damage unless you are in a Gaseous Bubble — then, you want to purposely stand on them to take enough damage to pop your bubble!

Hop down to the last boss and deal with the final 4 sets of adds that are channeling onto the boss.

Important Abilities:


Bloodlust on pull because you won’t get good uptime on it if you use it any later in the fight.

DPS and Healers: Arcane Bomb is back from the trash and should be handled in the same way.

Tank: Run out of Massive Deluge but stay within her melee range so she doesn’t get even more Angry.

Everyone: Dodge, dodge, dodge. If you can dodge a tornado, you can dodge an entire angry Naga Queen’s kit of abilities. The key to survival is awareness and not getting separated from the party. Decide before the fight begins what direction you’re rotating around the boss and move together as a group (with the tank a little bit off to the side) so that no one is ever out of range of the healer.

Everyone should cuddle in the Crushing Depths circle to spread out the damage. Alternatively, the targeted player can use a physical immunity to soak it themselves.

Neltharion’s Lair

Big pulls at the start of the dungeon are highly encouraged, as the trash isn’t all that scary.

Important Abilities:


Tank: Gather up Blightshard Skitters when they spawn and move away from them when they die. Face Rokmora away from the group for Razor Shards

DPS: Kill Skitters ASAP as you don’t want many (if any) alive during Shatter.

Everyone: Try not to move too much due to Crystalline Ground. Find a good position against a wall to minimize movement during the Shatter knockback.

Have a fun little barrel ride and follow the path, hugging the right-hand side of the section until you reach the boss room. The entire boss area needs to be fully cleared of trash before starting the boss encounter.

Important Abilities:


Tank: Use mitigation for Sunder and drag the boss to the totems summoned by Bellow of the Deeps. A small trick to make this more efficient is to turn the boss 90 degrees from the totem he puts down so that the next totem that spawns will stack closer to the previous one.

Healer: Phase 2 during the totem minigame can be quite healing intensive, especially if your group doesn’t pick the correct one right away. You may need to spend more time healing and keeping everyone alive than actually watching the totems on higher keys.

Everyone: Move away from where you’re standing if targeted by Strike of the Mountain. When Ularogg gets full mana, Phase 2 begins. In Phase 2, he plays a little game with you where you need to follow the location of the Burrowing Idol the boss is hidden under (which always starts in the middle) and then DPS it down ASAP.

There are lots of mobs you’ve already fought here so there should be no major surprises on the way to the next boss.

Important Abilities:


DPS: Your top priority is to burn down the Fanatic Sacrifices before they reach the boss. Use slows and stuns on these adds to give yourselves more time to take care of them.

Tank: When the boss begins to cast Spiked Tongue on you, run away as far as possible from him to the back of the room where you first entered. Position yourself so that the Rancid Maw puddles are between you and the boss, as they will slow the drag. Get back into melee range as soon as it’s done!

On the right-hand side of the room, you used to be able to use the grooves in the wall, rocks, and eggs to stop the drag back from Spiked Tongue as well, but that may or may not still be a viable option.

Healer: Damage will amp up drastically in the last 20% of the fight due to Frenzy. Have some cooldowns ready for this.

Everyone: Dispel Toxic Retch off yourself and others if you have a Poison dispel.

Follow the worm’s corpse down the hole and start heading to the last boss. Again, you’ll want to clear all of the trash in the boss arena first.

Important Abilities:


DPS and Healers: if you are targeted by the Molten Charskin’s fixate, kite them around while it is being killed (if you are not targeted, this add should be your #1 DPS priority). Wherever it dies, it will summon Crystal Spikes. If there is already a Crystal Spike in the room, you can kite the add into it, which will give them a Crystal Cracked debuff, allowing you to kill it faster.

Tank: Face the boss away from the group for Landslide. Don’t point him towards any of the Crystal Spikes (so that you don’t destroy the spikes) but keep him somewhat close to them so you can run to them quickly. Make sure you’re putting up some magic mitigation for Molten Crash — it is no longer an active mitigation check but it still deals a lot of damage.

Everyone: When the boss reaches maximum mana, he will cast Magma Wave, everyone must run to hide behind a Crystal Spike (or use a magic immunity)

Vault of the Wardens

There are lots of very scary pulls in here. The mobs are tough and the pull sizes are naturally big, so communication on CC, interrupts, and defensive use is very important. In particular, the miniboss Glayvianna Soulrender can be incredibly scary, especially on Fortified weeks so don’t be shy about throwing all of your cooldowns at her.

Important Abilities:


Tank: Though it is no longer an active mitigation check, you should have some sort of magic mitigation up for Darkstrikes, especially if he goes into his “Havoc” form.

Everyone:Interrupt Furious Blast and prioritize killing the adds Fel Fury when they’re up to minimize damage. When Tirathon is in his “Vengeance” form, stay away from the rotating Fel Chain and find an opportunity to get around it when it gets too close to the group. When he is in his Havoc form, stay away from Hatred.

After this fight you’ll do one big pull with Blazing Imps and the Foul Mother before taking the elevator down to the next level.

Important Abilities:


Tank: Pick up all new adds opened from the cells. The Tankbuster mechanics are Uppercut from Felguard Annihilators, Cleave from Void-Touched Juggernauts and Monstrous Bite from Enormous Stone Quilens.

Everyone: After he casts Sap Soul, make your next cast is something inconsequential, as the Sap Soul will add 10 seconds to your ability’s cooldown. When the orbs he summons cast Inquisitive Stare, make sure you’re facing them (the purple line connecting you to them lets you know where they are). At 70% health and 40% health, Inquisitor Tormentorum will teleport to cells and open the gates, which summons adds. Most of these adds use standard mechanics: Don’t stand in fire, don’t stack up needlessly, dispel things that can be dispelled, etc.

A common tactic on this fight is to tank the boss right where he starts with his back to the room and the group facing the room. This allows the group to face the Tormenting Orbs easily during Inquisitive Stare, and facilitates the ability to line-of-sight all of the adds when the cells are opened for easier gathering.

Our pathing recommends you go to Glazer first, but you have the choice of going to Ash’Golm next as well. Both options require fighting a miniboss and some trash, both of which are explained below. The next two bosses also have a little corridor connecting them which gives you a little shortcut to use instead of having to travel all the way back to the middle room.

Important Abilities:


Everyone: Lots of dodging again here, he will spawn 4 Orbs that will bounce around until they either hit a player or the boss. Spoiler alert: You want them to hit the boss. If you hit them, they just deal damage, split, and continue bouncing around.

When Glazer stops attacking and gets a shield, he goes into his Focusing Phase. The group needs to kill the one Overloaded Lens that is attackable FIRST and then arrange the other lenses so that the beam follows a path and hits the boss (the way that the Owl statue on top of the lens is facing is the way it directs the light). He will repeat this phase every 55 seconds from here on out.


Healer: A common tactic is to have the healer interact with the owl statue immediately on pull to start the “countermeasures” and give the boss a big damage-taken buff through Brittle.

DPS: Prioritize killing the Ember add quickly and save your DPS cooldowns for the brittle phase.

Tank: Dodge the frontal Fissure.

Everyone: Dodge the various Lava Wreath patterns and don’t stand in the fire unless you’re doing it with a magic immunity or VERY heavy cooldowns on purpose to make some room.

Go back to the main circular room, defeat the miniboss guarding the last elevator, and head on down. Once downstairs, someone (usually the tank) should grab the bright glowing orb in the Owl Statue. They’ll gain an extra action button that allows them to throw it somewhere so someone else can pick it up. For now you need it for the trash! Use it to reveal the trash and make them targetable (they only are in the light).

Important Abilities:


Before starting the fight, decide who will take the Elune’s Light orb — this usually defaults to the tank but can be anyone.

Tank: Make sure you have enough room to get knocked back by Knockdown Kick and Turn Kick. If she is still alive during the second creeping-doom cast, be very careful as she will need to be tanked at the same time as the mechanic is happening.

Everyone: Ranged players need to dodge her Detonating Moonglaive. Melee players should make sure that they are not directly in the way when she throws the glaive. If there is an add up, kill it ASAP. Follow the person holding the Light of Elune during Creeping Doom, as they show the safe space to get through.

Light of Elune Holder:

  • Regularly make room on the platform by standing in Deepening Shadows puddles while holding the Light of Elune orb.
  • After killing the Avatar of Shadow add, pick the orb back up and throw it to where you think Cordana is hiding — she telegraphs her position with casts of Fel Glaive.
  • You will need to do the same thing to reveal the Avatar of Vengeance add by tracking where Cordana throws her glaive.
  • During Creeping Doom, you will need to find the safe space to pass through in each wave — the second time she does this, there will be 2 waves at once (one coming from the North or South side and the other coming from the East or West side).


About the Authors

Sessa currently mains a Protection Paladin (get your jokes in now, it’s okay, I’ve heard them all before) and is a moderator for the Hammer of Wrath Paladin Class Discord. She also writes Mythic+ Dungeon guides for TankNotes and likes to unwind by finding new ways to frustrate her group with “experiments” when running keys.

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