The Weekly Route: Tyrannical, Spiteful, Necrotic, and Tormented

This week’s affixes are Tyrannical, Spiteful, Necrotic, and Tormented.

This looks to be the toughest week so far on the new calendar, especially for your tanks and melee players. Remember that full valor upgrades are gated behind 2000 score, so check through your profile page and see which dungeons you have the easiest Tyrannical points available from and focus on upgrading them first.

Some dungeons now feature routes with and without skips, while some dungeons just have one route (without major skips, for the most part).

The Weekly Routes

De Other Side [back to top]

With Tyrannical active, we recommend picking 2 or 3 copies of the Dagger of Necrotic Wounding anima power to just melt the challenging bosses.

Our route with skips lets you pull a little more ardenweald to skip some of the nastier mechagon mobs, but both routes are fundamentally very similar.

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Halls of Atonement [back to top]

You won’t get access to your third and fourth anima powers until after you’ve killed Echelon, likely making that the toughest boss in here. If you can get through that fight on Tyrannical, you should be golden for the rest of the dungeon.

Our two routes are moderately different - the route with skips avoids a bunch of nasty trash after the first boss.

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Mists of Tirna Scithe [back to top]

Without Prideful, the first boss of this dungeon can very quickly become a slog if your group’s damage is low or your damage profiles aren’t very bursty. You will have two anima powers for the first boss, plus one for each of the next two bosses, compounding the relative difficulty of that first boss fight.

This route does not require any Shroud or Invis pot skips, but it does call for a Night Fae player to open the wall at the start and it also skips a pack near the start using one of any number of abilities - read the note in the route for more info.

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Plaguefall [back to top]

Plaguefall has changed quite a bit since 9.0 - the biggest change is that all non-gauntlet Plagueborers have become non-explosive, and the gauntlet spawns have been capped to four total waves. This makes the middle section of the dungeon much slower and more methodical if you were previously making use of those Plagueborers, but for many groups things will be pretty unchanged.

You’ll only have one anima power for the first boss, so it’s a big challenge point in the dungeon. The last two bosses are tricky but you will be fully charged by then. With Necrotic active, Domina Venomblade is likely to be the hardest boss of the last two, so we’d recommend using your bloodlust there.

Our route with skips uses one skip right at the start of the dungeon which means you’ll have more anima powers for more of the dungeon, but the route without skips should work perfectly well also.

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Sanguine Depths [back to top]

Tight quarters in this dungeon can make you worried about pulling extra enemies, but remember that Tormented enemies do NOT socially aggro other enemies, so carefully tag them with a ranged ability and then fight them in a clear area and you won’t have to worry about other enemies pulling with them. These bosses are all tough without Prideful buff helping out - you’ll only have one anima power for the first boss so definitely fire off bloodlusts on bosses this week.

A big thing to note is that Spiteful Shades do trigger the Venthyr lanterns, which can make this dungeon a little easier this week than you might expect.

Our two routes are pretty similar - the route with skips avoids a nasty pull toward the end of the dungeon but they have the same core plan for the dungeon.

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Spires of Ascension [back to top]

Though we only have one route for this dungeon, it’s hard to describe it as either having or lacking skips - it does a few minor skips towards the end of the dungeon to avoid some very nasty pulls that we do wholeheartedly recommend avoiding, but they can be done with a huge variety of different class abilities.

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The Necrotic Wake [back to top]

Be careful relying on weapons to do what they did last season - either due to scaling changes or secret nerfs it feels like they are doing less damage than they used to!

Our two routes are very similar in concept with slight adjustments to pull more favorable enemies if you’re willing to use a skip.

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Theater of Pain [back to top]

We continue to advocate a U-turn path that gets you quick access to three anima powers and a fourth not long after. With Necrotic and Tyrannical active you’ll find that almost all of the bosses pose a serious threat, so optimize your builds entirely for them with choices such as Dagger of Necrotic Wounding.

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