Raiding in China: RWF Plans of the Top Chinese Teams

The Race to World First (RWF) of Sanctum of Domination has some exciting competition brewing in China. Here is everything we know about the RWF plans for five of the most promising Chinese raiding teams, Aster, 天涯 Skyline, 佶天鸿 Jitianhong (JTH), 超界 Chao Jie, and 秩序阿尔法七煌 Alpha & KeaHoarl.

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In recent news, esports organization Aster has joined the fold for the RWF. While primarily an organization known for its professional Dota2 team, Aster is thrilled to be entering the RWF to fully realize a long-term dream:

“The CEO of Aster is a die-hard WoW fan who has been playing this game on and off for almost 10+ years. Forming a professional WoW team with paid salaries at a top industry level has been a dream for him, and this time he's making this dream come true.” — NasDa, Aster Management

The Aster RWF team is composed of 40 players and staff. Their roster has scored some of the best players in all of China, hailing primarily from Alpha, but also several former top members of JTH and Skyline. Since the 29th of June, Aster has been gathering at a massive esports arena in Shanghai, where 36 of the players will compete for the RWF in front of a live crowd that is open to the public.

Having achieved the world-first Heroic Sylvanas kill yesterday as a brand new raid team, we’re anticipating a strong performance from Aster in this RWF.

天涯 Skyline

Having finished Castle Nathria as the top-ranked Chinese guild and world 5th overall, Skyline is ready to compete for the Sanctum of Domination RWF. Their team is staying at an esports hotel (location undisclosed). Will they repeat their victory this coming tier and contend for the world-first title?

佶天鸿 Jitianhong (JTH)

JTH finished world 6th in the Castle Nathria RWF, only one world rank behind Skyline. Like last tier, JTH will be competing from an esports hotel, this time at the EHA Esports Hotel in Wuhan, Hubei, China.

Check out their RWF promo videos below for more info!

超界 Chao Jie

Chao Jie ranked 3rd in China and 10th world in the Castle Nathria RWF. They are self-funded and are aiming to place in the top 2 in China for Sanctum of Domination. Chao Jie rented a big office room for their RWF raiders and arranged hotel rooms for everyone to rest.

秩序阿尔法七煌 Alpha & KeaHoarl

RWF veteran guild Alpha is now under the banner of 秩序阿尔法七煌. Alpha recently merged with Chinese guild KeaHoarl 七煌 and is also funded in-part by another guild called 秩序. KeaHoarl is a huge esports organization that not only covers World of Warcraft, but also League of Legends, the streaming industry, and has an esports school. Alpha, KeaHoarl, and 秩序 banded together to start a new company, 山东艾弗迪电竞科技有限公司, otherwise known as K-O Network. They plan to compete in the RWF from their very own K-O Network esports venue, shown in the video below.


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