Patch 9.1 Mythic+ Calendar

Mythic+ has undergone some changes this week, and several more are slated to come down the pipeline in the next few weeks! In this article, we’ll take a quick look at when each change is happening and what the new rewards are, so that you can plan out your activities!


The affixes are new this week! Fortified, Bursting, and Storming are active, and Prideful remains the seasonal affix. This is an entirely new combination of affixes and marks the beginning of 12 weeks of uncertainty, where we will not know the upcoming affixes in advance, before presumably we’ll return in 12 weeks fo Fortified/Bursting/Storming (with Tormented in place at that time, of course).

Most of the dungeon changes have also gone through this week — stuff like the 10% auto attack nerf and the boss and trash tuning (read more about those here). Importantly, the scaling up of 35% damage and 39% health has not yet happened.

Item level rewards from dungeons this week have not changed. Valor will be reset at the end of this week, so spend it now on upgrades if you need any, otherwise you can buy some trade goods from a vendor next to the great vault!

We don’t have Weekly Routes prepared for these affixes, but you can use last week’s routes and get by just fine!

NEXT WEEK (Heroic Week)

The Great Vault you open next week will contain Season 1 items, based on the keys you ran this week. However, the keystone you receive will likely be 4 or 5 levels lower than the key you completed this week. Tormented will be the seasonal affix, and the keystone scaling will have happened, so dungeons will hit 35% harder and have 39% more health, making a +15 key next week feel like a +19 or so key did this week.

Item level rewards will increase, though they will likely be capped at some level for the week (somewhere around 226 is a reasonable guess). Doing higher level keys is still a good idea, which we explain below.


The Great Vault you open on Mythic Week will be at full power, so if you timed 15’s on Heroic Week, you’ll be offered 252 item level rewards in your vault! Any item level cap on end-of-dungeon rewards will be gone, so keys at +14 or higher will reward you with 236 gear at the end of the dungeon.

All Mythic+ gear will be upgradable with Valor to 246, provided you’ve earned enough Mythic+ rating to unlock that upgrade level. You can check out the chart here.


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