The Weekly Route: Fortified, Spiteful, Grievous, and Prideful

This week’s affixes are Fortified, Spiteful, Grievous, and Prideful.

For many groups, this week will be one of the trickier Fortified weeks, especially if your group contains an undergeared healer or multiple melee dps. To help out, you can look for opportunities to use CC and Knockback effects to manage Spiteful Shades, as well as bringing some Health Pots and using them aggressively. Prideful and Grievous combine in an especially deadly way, so this week more than ever you should use lots of cooldowns on Manifestations of Pride.

The Weekly Routes

De Other Side [back to top]

Don’t be caught off-guard by this dungeon’s bosses due to Fortified being active rather than Tyrannical - Grievous makes several of them very dangerous, including The Manastorms who can put quite a lot of pressure out when combined with Grievous.

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Halls of Atonement [back to top]

Some groups like to jump off the ledge near the start of the dungeon on the left - our routes don’t include this but if you decide to do it note that it’s even sketchier than normal due to Spiteful happening when you have very little room to kite!

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Mists of Tirna Scithe [back to top]

With Patch 9.0.5, the window has been closed through which players normally tagged the extra mobs near the start of the maze - it’s still possible to grab that same pack but it now requires the use of a slow fall effect and a movement speed increase, both on a class with a nice long range ability - here’s an example from the most recent MDI cup weekend!

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Plaguefall [back to top]

Always be prepared for Spiteful in the sections of this dungeon where the trash dies quickly to the various dungeon mechanics! One other tip is at the end of the dungeon - you can hug the left wall coming into the last boss room (just make sure to spam jump while you’re in the water or else you’ll get a nasty dot) - this can let you get into the room without pulling the front pack. Then you can grab the back two packs and kill them first before killing off the front pack with its miniboss and not have to worry about it teleporting around.

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Sanguine Depths [back to top]

The new Venthyr lantern location and the increased buff duration have made it extremely feasible to roll stacks of the buff for several minutes during the middle part of this dungeon, and our route with skips plans to do just that!

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Spires of Ascension [back to top]

Make sure you’re ready to react quickly if you’re targeted by spiteful and have an important interrupt in this dungeon as there are several casts that can be pretty catastrophic if they go off. Goliaths in particular need to be carefully managed as they’ll often live while other stuff dies and spawns Spiteful, and they generally require a 2-person interrupt rotation (though one Shaman can do the job if they kick exactly on cooldown).

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The Necrotic Wake [back to top]

Our route with skips has been re-worked to facilitate Prideful onto all but the last boss - it now also pulls Nar’zudah, a miniboss that many players like to skip, but our route sets you up with a pride buff and an Anima Orb to nuke it down before it causes too many problems.

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Theater of Pain [back to top]

Spiteful can be tricky in some of the small platforms of the Kul’tharok wing, so consider saving crowd control effects for the Spiteful rather than using them on the mobs themselves if you can.

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