The Weekly Route: Tyrannical, Inspiring, Necrotic, and Prideful!

This week’s affixes are Tyrannical, Inspiring, Necrotic, and Prideful.

This is our first week with the new affix Inspiring - read more about it in our Shadowlands Mythic+ Affixes guide! If you played during Beguiling season, Inspiring is quite similar to the Emissaries of the Tides - random enemies throughout the dungeon gain an aura that makes their allies immune to CC effects, though the Inspiring enemies themselves remain vulnerable. In general, the easiest strategy to manage this affix is to CC the Inspiring enemy and then deal with it after the other dangerous enemies are dealt with.

This week’s article does not feature any MDT routes. This is due to a recent decision by the addon’s creator to place all of the dungeon data behind a paywall, a decision which we cannot support especially due to the fact that even if you pay, you can no longer share routes with others unless they have also paid.

We believe that Addon developers do important work, and we are incredibly grateful to Nnoggie for the work he’s put into MDT up to this point. We hope he will reconsider this method of monetization and restore functionality to his great addon, and we look forward to providing you with routes using it again soon. Either way, we will have routes for you starting again next week.

The Weekly Routes

De Other Side [back to top]

With Tyrannical active, having a Prideful buff going into most of the bosses in this dungeon is incredibly important. As the key level goes up, Hakkar in particular becomes very nasty, though all four bosses in here are tough.

Suggested path: Head Right at the start, clear trash around the ring until you reach the Mechagon entrance, then double back and take out Hakkar with Prideful, then the Manastorms with Prideful, and then Dealer Xy’eva with Prideful, ending on Muez’hala with no Pride.

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Halls of Atonement [back to top]

There are a lot of particularly nasty trash enemies in this dungeon, especially the Bears, which can delete your tank very quickly and which deserve special care if they’re Inspired. The last two bosses are relatively simple, but Echelon poses a serious threat that may warrent saving a Prideful buff.

Suggested route: Kill up to 60% trash in the starting area, then take that Pride into the first boss. Get to the second boss after the 80% pride goes down, either using an invis skip or killing trash in the path. Then walk through the remainder of the dungeon in a straight line.

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Mists of Tirna Scithe [back to top]

This is a fantastic dungeon for time on Tyrannical week, as its already generous timer combines with the fewest number of bosses in any Shadowlands dungeon to give you a big cushion. Going into the last boss with a Prideful buff is valuable, though if you’re short on time you can try to kill the boss first and then hit 100% trash count afterwards.

Suggested route: Night fae skip at the start if you can. If you do, you can then skip one more pack to get Pride onto first boss. Then walk through the maze in whatever order you get and kill trash at the end until you spawn the final Pride which you’ll use on the last boss.

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Plaguefall [back to top]

As the keystone level goes up, this dungeon turns into one of the nastiest Tyrannical dungeons of the expansion. Every single boss can be brutally difficult, but none more so than Margrave Stradama. You should save all cooldowns for her and consider staggering their use throughout the fight so that you don’t spend too long in any phase. Infectious Rain is a killer, but it can be removed by class-based disease dispels and also the Kyrian Phial of Serenity - use these if you have them, especially in the final phase as all the other mechanics overlap.

Suggested route: Kill mushroom packs towards the first boss room, then take out slimes in there and one of the big trash adds. This can be your 20% pride onto the first boss, or you can clear more trash and backtrack to the boss with your 40% pride. Use Barrels and Plagueborers to take care of the next area and walk through the rest of the dungeon in a straight line, being sure to save lust for the last boss (so use it on the first boss and the second, generally.)

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Sanguine Depths [back to top]

This dungeon comes with its share of nasty Tyrannical bosses and nasty Inspiring trash, so be ready for a challenge. There are often narrow spaces where kiting is difficult, and several enemies are naturally immune to slows, so dropping Necrotic stacks is also very difficult.

Suggested route: Pull carefully in a straight line through the dungeon for safety, pulling extra in the ring area such that you get a Prideful buff onto Tarvold. Do not jump down to the third boss area until you are at at least 69% trash, though you can get more and then skip some of the trash before the final gauntlet.

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Spires of Ascension [back to top]

The combination of Inspiring with the effects of enemies like Squad Leaders means a lot of pulls are very nasty this week. Attack them with cooldowns or CC, or skip those pulls and do the less efficient but easier options (though easy pulls are hard to come by in this dungeon.)

Suggested route: Go straight to the first boss, fighting it with the 20% Pride. Grab some trash from the right hand side afterwards, without flying to a new platform, then do a U-turn and go left - this sets you up to then skip the trash after the second boss which is quite inefficient, though the pulls are challenging this way. If you’d prefer, you can instead skip some of the bigger Squad Leader pulls but this adds more time to the dungeon.

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The Necrotic Wake [back to top]

Using the weapons scattered throughout the dungeon to make the boss fights easier is a really really good idea this week, especially for bosses like the second, which summon adds that will stack Necrotic very quickly on your tank. Either the Spears or the Anima Orbs can be used to effectively delete entire add waves on that fight, so use them!

Another tip for this dungeon: the Zolramus Necromancers will not cast anything themselves if they’ve been in combat before when you pull them, so you can have a player pull them, then use a vanish effect, and then when you pull them only their minions will cast spells.

Suggested route: Pull around the right hand side at the start to get access to a spear, then take that and the 20% Pride into the first boss. Avoid the Gatekeepers whenever possible, and walk through the dungeon making sure to get 68.2% count or more before flying up to the Necropolis. The 60% pride onto the second boss and then backtracking to get up to 68.2% is a great idea.

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Theater of Pain [back to top]

This is a nasty Tyrannical dungeon, with more bosses than any other as well as bosses that spawn adds which can further inflate the amount of time you spend on each boss fight. Helping your tank kite to drop stacks of Necrotic is very important here, as there are some very small spaces you’ll be operating in and potentially Inspiring enemies you’ll need to manage as well.

Suggested route: After you kill the first boss, head to Xav first - this gives you the 40% Pride onto the boss, then you can go to Kul’tharok, going right and then left when you face decisions on the platforms. This does not give you Pride onto the boss, but you will get Prideful for Gorechop, provided you can skip the Gasbags that patrol the circular rooms.

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