Keystone Masters Tournament: Format Experiments

The Keystone Masters Tournament is back! Signups are open to everyone of all regions. If you think you have what it takes to compete or just want to showcase your skill, sign up for a chance to compete!

What is KSM?

KSM is a community esports organization that strives to add value to World of Warcraft’s esports ecosystem, providing community-driven format innovations. KSM aims to provide the community with quality entertainment year-round regardless of the ebbs and flows of official WoW esports seasons.

The Format

The style of the KSM tournament has always been adapted from the MDI tournament model with unique twists in order to bring maximum enjoyment to everyone involved. This time around, KSM will be experimenting with new formats that have never been tested before in a tournament setting. The format experiment will involve specs: each player may not play a spec more than once in any given series.

For Time Trials, this means that players cannot play a spec more than once in the three dungeons, which really rewards multi-classers and off-meta spec players. In the 2 day Double Elimination tournament, you cannot play a spec more than once in each best of three series.

The finals will be best of three, but KSM has added a “Rebuttal Match” for the truest double elimination experience possible.

Additionally, KSM has added a new system called “Bounties” aimed at players who don't make it into the top 8. While the top 8 teams are practicing, the non-competing players will be set up with some fun challenges to do which will change every few days. Players can submit clips of them doing the challenges, which will be compiled into a highlight video that will be shown intermittently throughout the event broadcast. The bounties and challenges are to encourage people who don't end up competing but who want to have a bit of fun with the remainder of their Tournament Realm access. .

Without giving too much away, the first challenge will be titled “Assassins”, where you'll be sent into a dungeon to eliminate a most dangerous set of enemies.

For the Players:

  • The event will be streamed by the participants themselves, giving the audience unique points of view and a chance for streamers to promote their own streams alongside the main event.
  • Players will have Tournament Realm access for the full duration of the event!
  • PRIZEPOOL: This time, KSM is offering a total prizepool of $5,000! 1st Place: $1700. 2nd Place: $1500. 3rd Place: $1000. 4th Place: $800.

For the Viewers:

  • KSM is a LIVE EVENT with Tournament Realm access!
  • Up-to-date tournament coverage by RaiderIO.
  • Exhibition matches involving some of your favorite streamers and community members.

Schedule of Events:

SIGNUPS: Right now! Signups close Sunday August 23rd


TIME TRIALS: Wednesday September 2nd - Monday September 7th.

TOURNAMENT DAY 1: Saturday September 19th

TOURNAMENT DAY 2: Sunday September 20th

**All exact timings will be detailed in the Player Handbook, which you will receive upon acceptance into the tournament.

How Do I Sign Up?

Head on over to the form to register! Signups are open to everyone. Remember that signups end on August 23rd, so get your team together and register!


If you have any further questions please contact Cirra on Discord (Cirra#4218).


About the Author

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