Big Brain Strats from the Second MDI Cups

Hello and welcome back to another Big Brain Strats guide to highlight some of the amazing plays and recoveries by teams from each region of the MDI. Over the past two weekends, we’ve watched the top 8 teams from Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Oceania compete for their second regional Cups of the 2020 Mythic Dungeon International (MDI). To prepare you for the EU & Asia Cup #3 this weekend, let’s take a look back at what we’ve seen so far.

In the second Cup of EU & Asia, we saw another incredible performance from Method EU as they blazed through the Upper Bracket, losing only one Motherlode map to Perplexed and one Motherlode map to Paint for Fem, but finishing strong with wins in Freehold, Kings’ Rest, and Atal’Dazar. Perplexed also had an impressive performance with some huge pulls, but also some miraculous recoveries. Deplete from Beyond also had quite a few wins in the tournament and nearly made it out of the Lower Bracket, but were unable to secure the win against Perplexed to make it to the Grand Finals.

Much like Method EU, Method NA also continued their winning streak in the AMER Cup, losing only one map to Goosy Bad in Siege of Boralus due to a full team wipe on Hadal despite a very close match up until that point. Team Ethical really fought hard during this Cup. They won their first matchup against One Last Chance in the Upper Bracket, but then got knocked into the Lower Bracket by Complexity Limit shortly after. However, Ethical then pushed their way through the Lower Bracket all the way to the Grand Finals, defeating Scripted Content, Goosy Bad, and then Complexity Limit in the process with some really close matches.

For your convenience, you can view the brackets on Raider.IO to see the full gear breakdowns and quick navigation:

Here’s a look at some of the highlights we’ve seen in the second Cups:

Lightee pulls ALL the trash towards Hadal in Siege of Boralus

One of the most amazing moments of the tournament was when Method NA executed a gigantic trash pull in Siege of Boralus versus Goosy Bad where they quad CC’d the mobs near the Spotter (3 Hunter Traps and one Paralysis). Lightee then went and back-pulled ALL THE TRASH (demos, all the monkeys, etc), and brought them through the doorway towards Hadal. This allowed them to line-of-sight a massive amount of Explosive orbs spawning on the adds while all three of their Hunters and healer, Jdotb, remained around the corner to start Raging the Spotter while Lightee gathered mobs. In order to get everything funneled into a choke-point, Jdotb Ringed them all in the archway, and then Lightee placed a Sigil of Chains grip into a fear with Sigil of Misery for all the mobs, which the Hunters put the Spotter’s artillery on while Lightee tanked the Demolishers.

Twisted jumps onto the candles on Gorak Tul in Waycrest Manor

In a match between Big Dumb Gaming and Complexity Limit, Twisted hopped onto some candles on the ground at Gorak Tul to prevent the adds leaping onto anyone to make use of the “No Path Available” bug that we’ve seen in other places throughout Waycrest Manor and other dungeons such as Atal’Dazar.

Complexity Limit line-of-sights Urg’roth’s Dark Fury

One cool trick we saw come out of Complexity-Limit’s team was when they line-of sighted Urg’roth’s Dark Fury casts around a doorway in Waycrest Manor to optimize a little more DPS while waiting for their cooldowns to come back up.

Method EU pulls all four obelisk adds with the last boss of Kings’ Rest

In a match between Method EU and No Snitch, Method EU successfully pulled all 4 Awakened mobs into the final boss of a Tyrannical Kings’ Rest key and made it look easy.

Deplete from Beyond does a huge snap pull into the water with Lord Stormsong in Shrine of the Storm

In Shrine of the Storm, Deplete from Beyond did a huge snap pull of trash into the water of Lord Stormsong in order to maximize the cooldowns for their Unholy Death Knights.

Sebek demonstrates the conveyor belt trick in Mechagon: Workshop

In a match between Paint for Fem and Self Reliance, the Hunters disengaged to the lower landing platform and jumped up a lamp post for a quicker path up the conveyor belt. This is a popular trick used in live key pushing to minimize time spent running over the belt.

Method EU pulls massive trash into the Shadow of Zul... and avoids Bolstering it

In the first match of the Grand Finals between Method EU and Perplexed, Method EU pulled a massive amount of trash right onto Shadow of Zul and managed to execute it cleanly despite the next pull being all four Awakened mobs onto the last boss. Shadow of Zul is a very dangerous mob, so pulling anything onto it let alone such a big pull was very impressive.

Perplexed makes an incredible recovery on King Dazar with a tank death

On the final boss of Tyrannical Kings’ Rest, their tank Divinefield went down, yet Ashine managed to engineering battle res him and recover the pull after doing the same once Wolfdisco went down too. While they lost the map against Method EU, this was an incredibly close match and an amazing recovery by Perplexed. Being able to recover a tank death without a regular battle res in such a high-pressure situation really showed their expertise and confidence.

This weekend, be sure to catch the EU & ASIA Cup #3 live on YouTube to see the top 8 regional teams square off again and Tweet us your favorite moments with the hashtag #BIGBRAINSTRAT!


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