The Weekly Route: Fortified, Sanguine, Quaking, and Awakened

This week’s affixes are Fortified, Sanguine, Quaking, and Awakened.

Thanks to the Quaking nerf, this week is one of the best weeks on the calendar, with Sanguine as the only real affix. In some dungeons, this is still tough, but in most of them it’s very manageable without losing very much time at all, so expect to see many top runs hit the leaderboards this week.

The Weekly Routes

Atal'Dazar [back to top]

Sanguine is most impactful when fighting Toxic Saurids - this is especially important if you use any of the “snap spots” in this dungeon to group mobs - those can go from a blessing to a curse very quickly if they become polluted with Sanguine pools. The current Awakened pattern is the most annoying thing in this dungeon, as you’ll likely want to activate all four Obelisks and that’s not easy to do efficiently.

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Freehold [back to top]

You should have plenty of time on the clock in this dungeon, since joining the crew removes the dangerous Cutwater Harpooners that could otherwise be very challenging with both Quaking and Sanguine. Nothing else should pose too much of a threat for you this week.

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Kings' Rest [back to top]

Fortified Shadow of Zul and Sanguine-dropping Minions of Zul are two things to watch out for this week.

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Shrine of the Storm [back to top]

Most small enemies in this dungeon do not drop sanguine, with the notable exception of Tidesage Initiates. Unfortunately, those Initiates are all over the first half of the dungeon, making this one of the trickier dungeons this week.

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Siege of Boralus [back to top]

Our Siege of Boralus route is based off the Horde pathing and will require some modification if you’re Alliance.

Sanguine Siege is always an exercise in careful forethought - you’ll often kill small enemies and then 30 seconds later realize that you needed the space where there’s now a pool, so get in the habit of planning the sanguine locations before starting each pull. This is especially true in the first three boss rooms since you fight trash in those spaces before the bosses themselves (unless you choose to pull the trash back, which is often a good idea).

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Temple of Sethraliss [back to top]

This is close to a free dungeon this week. Watch out for the Static-charged Dervishes - they drop 5 stacks of Sanguine each!

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The MOTHERLODE!! [back to top]

Sanguine is the big problem affix here, you’ll need to be extremely careful of your pool placement to avoid full healing Mechanized Peacekeepers during their cast sequences. Even with great play, this is a very challenging dungeon this week.

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The Underrot [back to top]

Much of the difficulty in this dungeon comes from the trash in Cragmaw’s room - don’t be afraid to pull slowly and never pull more than one Bloodswarmer at once.

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Tol Dagor [back to top]

Note that if you don’t pull the Irontide Raiders until you engage Jes Howlis, they won’t drop Sanguine but they also won’t count towards Enemy Forces. You should make sure to pull the neutral enemies in that room to avoid hitting them with incidental AoE during that boss fight and creating surprise Sanguine!

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Waycrest Manor [back to top]

The best anti-Sanguine strategy in this dungeon is to pull back to the most recently cleared wide-open space, like the Courtyard, rather than fighting in hallways where you can get cut off by the Sanguine pools.

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Mechagon Junkyard [back to top]

Be careful when dropping your Sanguine pools when fighting in any of the first three boss rooms, as you may pollute space that you’ll want to use (or where enemies might spawn or move to).

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Mechagon Workshop [back to top]

Living Wastes do drop Sanguine, so a little bit of discipline when grouping them up before starting to do damage will save you some time this week. Other than that, you’ll need to watch Sanguine on the very first pull of the dungeon if you’re trying to stack them up and kill them.

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