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About Truesight

About Us

Truesight is a newly formed guild comprised mostly of the mythic raiding roster of Remission on Zul’jin. With a leadership team dedicated to progression and a second Cutting Edge achievement in Shadowlands, we are looking for solid players who are focused on improving their own play and are sticklers for mechanics / being a team player and want to be part of a competitive and fun environment.

We currently run 2 days of Mythic Progression. We also run an optional heroic night to gear up. If you are looking for a competitive environment on a lighter schedule, and this sounds like a good fit to you, reach out to us today!

We provide guild repairs, raid cauldrons / feasts / armor kits / health potions / oils.

Mythic Raid Team

Application Form:


  • Progression - Tues. & Wed. 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST
  • Heroic / Farm (optional) - Dependent on raid availability

Current Prog: Mythic Painsmith Raznal (starting 31/08)

The classes and specs we are currently looking for can be found on our WarcraftLogs page, but we are always looking for exceptional players in all roles and specs.

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Raid Progression

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RealmID: 491
GroupID: 1646740
GuildID: 1665348