Greatly Exaggerated

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Guild is missing from the Blizzard API as of
Nov 30 2022 00:00 UTC
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About Greatly Exaggerated

<Greatly Exaggerated> is a progression guild with an active community of teams that focuses on pushing Mythic raid content and Mythic+.

Moved from Stormrage Alliance.

You can see our kills here:



Greatly Exaggerated< (10/10M Sanctum of Domination):

Three-day hardcore main team, led by former US Top 50 raiders, looking to push Cutting Edge every tier as quickly as possible. We will also be raiding the first two Mondays on new raids. Raid Times: Tue/Wed/Thu 8:30pm-1130pm EST. We will also be raiding the first two Mondays on new raids. Previous Tier Rankings:

Sylvanas Windrunner (M): US 131 (Hall of Fame) Sire Denathrius (M): US 95 (Hall of Fame) N'Zoth the Corruptor (M): US 114 Queen Azshara (M): US 242 Lady Jaina Proudmoore (M): US 469 Recruitment:

Looking for exceptional Warlock, Warrior dps, DK dps, any range dps


To apply=

Last updated a year ago

Raid Progression

No raid progress found for expansion

RealmID: 465
GuildID: 1696871