The Wolves Descend

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Sep 24 2022 13:24 UTC
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About The Wolves Descend

++**The Wolves Descend - Barthilas **++__Claw your way to Victory, Prove your worth. Previously: The Wolves Descend - Nagrand (Server Transferred For Raiding) The Wolves Descend (H) is a raiding guild currently seeking competent raiders to push for Mythic Progression and to prepare for Shadowlands. We are an active guild running Raids weekly and Keys on a daily basis Discord is OVER 18+ and members are not to easily triggered, we're a relaxed group. Pushing M+ for IO scores, Pushing Raid chieves and PVP chieves on the side. General social chit chat Those looking NOT to raid will be put under "Casual Players". We will not be carrying you through content to get you raid ready. Raid times: Fridays: 8.30pm AEST (ST) What we need: 1x Tank, 2 x Healers, 5x Rdps / Mdps

  • Wanna Discuss, Send us a message in game: ++Guild Master:++ Darksoull - Barthilas
  • ++Officers:++ None.

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Raid Progression

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RealmID: 408
GuildID: 559394