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Jan 30 2023 23:32 UTC
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About Cosmere

**Cosmere** of Crushridge is a semi hardcore Cutting Edge raiding guild. We are always seeking determined players to push content. Bolstering our core raiding group. Our goal is to have CE every tier.

Furthermore, you won't find crazy raging venting in this guild. We never resort to insults or foul language as a means of correcting mistakes. But we openly discuss errors and improve upon them.

We are also open to people who don’t need to do high end content. If you just want a positive and friendly community you can be a part of for years to come. You are welcome to join us.

**What to expect from us when pushing content**

-Passionate leadership that will do what it takes to see a boss defeated during progression

-Relaxed, fun, but constructive raid environment that is focused during progression

-Healthy roster of more raiders to create competition and accountability

-Constant constructive feedback inside and outside of raids in order to help progression

**If you plan to push content, this is what we expect from you:**

-Consistent attendance for raiding. We only raid for 6-9 hours a week. So it is incredibly important that people show up 100% of the time.(we understand you have real life obligations please give us notice)

-knows his or her class and how to make the most of it. We want raiders who want to be better next raid than they were last raid.

-a team player who is reliable, mature, and who learns the fight beforehand. We want players who do great research in advance for upcoming progression. We do not want players who show up not knowing the strategy or have no idea which add-ons or WeakAuras are required.

-Strong Situational & Mechanical Awareness: We want players who think several steps ahead as well as being consistent every attempt. We want players who know how to handle a debuff, spread for a mechanic, or dodge a beam without needing their hand held. We only raid so few of hours we want our time to be used wisely.

-positive and determined attitude and most of all patience (With progression comes many wipes, with Mythic progression comes many many wipes)

**Our Progression raid time is:**

Tuesday, 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM, CST Thursday, 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM, Optional Days for final push, 7:30 pm - 10:30 PM, CST We raid a total of 6 hours a week.(9 at the start of a tier we usually raid 3 days a week but the 3rd day is not mandatory)

We also do M+ daily, a lot of our members push high M+.

**Recruiting needs for progression:** We are currently Melee heavy and are looking for any exceptional ranged DPS. Mages ATM is our highest demand **Exceptional players are always welcome!**

**If you are located in these servers** Anub’arak, Chromaggus, Crushridge, Garithos, Nathrezim, and Smolderthorn, Arathor, Drenden you should join our guild.

**You can apply at:**

**Contact:** Ragnar-Crushridge GM (Btag: Gallowglass#1276)

Nanuret-Crushridge Recruiting officer (Btag: HiimNanu#1506)

Dachriss-Crushridge Raid leader

Meh-Crushridge Officer- (Btag: Brandon#11998)

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