Divide et Impera

1/10 M
Sanctum of Domination
10/10 H
Sanctum of Domination
Cleared Heroic before the release of the next raid tier.
(Earned 6th Raid Week)
6/10 M
Castle Nathria
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Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your guild for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

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About Divide et Impera

Greetings great heroes of Azeroth,

★ We are looking for dedicated Main Core Raiders (need to apply here - https://guildsofwow.com/divide-et-impera) this action requires an account on Guilds of Wow, we are looking for players who are competent and competitive in progression raids, focused on pushing their characters both inside and outside of the raid. If your class is not listed, it does not mean we will not accept your application. We will accept all exceptional applicants, as our goal is to bring the best 20 into heroic and mythic raiding.

We are NOT elitists. Socials / M+ Runners / PvP’ers are always welcomed, Find Us listed via inGame guild finder. (only for max level socials)

What we expect from Recruits

★ We expect very good performance on every level, learn from your mistakes, but also from other people's mistakes Adapt to new situations and new tactics quickly. Know all the mechanics of your class and how to use them to their fullest as part of a team. Know about the encounters beforehand (check YT videos) and how your abilities will fit into it and when.

★ We only raid 2 nights / week (progression), which don't give much room for standby or for over-recruit, so we expect 2/2 attendance from everyone. Have a good PC and solid Internet connection. Don't waste our time and yours having to play at 5 FPS and disconnect everytime. Be ready for every encounter in terms of knowledge, consumables and extra gear sets if needed.

★ TEAM ATTITUDE above all else. We are happy when you try to be as good as possible but you should always value the “good of the team” more then your personal achievements/gear. Previous mythic raiding experience is a BIG plus. We don’t expect you to have killed every boss out there, but you should have some good hard mode raiding experience. Order of importance ATTITUDE > EXPERIENCE > SKILL > GEAR. If you fail on the first two, you will fail your Trial. Be able to communicate clearly in English, both in speaking and in writing (we use discord, having a microphone is a big plus but not mandatory). Mature attitude towards raiding. Wiping is part of the learning process in besting an encounter. If you don’t like wiping, you are probably playing the wrong game.

Achievements since 2017 (former alliance Guild)

Legion: TEN 3/7 M ; TOV 2/3 M ; TN 8/10 M ; TOS 6/10 M ; ABT 8/11 M

BFA: Uldir 3/8 M ; BOD 5/9 M ; COS 1/2 M ; TEP 4/8 M ; NWC 10/12 M

SL: CN 6/10 M ; TBD

Requirements for Main Team

★ In depth knowledge of your class Stats / Rotation / Enchants / Socketing.

★ Your Main needs to be around 230+ ilvl, max Covenant Renown.

★ You need to be able to cover at least 2 roles/specs, with decent gear and stats.

★ Be able to Fully attend 2 of 2 raiding days every week / social raids on weekends. (last is optional)

★ Always show up to raids/events in time. (usually 15 minutes before start time)

★ Always be prepared for Raids and Guild Events. (flask, food, runes, other consumables)

★ You need to 100% be able to accept positive criticism/advices from your colleagues / RL.

★ You need to have a positive, progressive, focused but mature mindset, opened to positive criticism and advice when it’s needed.

★ Mythic raiding experience, previous or current raid tier, not a mandatory requirement, but a BIG plus.

Mandatory Addons

★ DBM or BigWigs (both work very well, make sure you have one of them)

★ WeakAuras 2 (the RL / GM or Officers will provide custom WA’s for raids)

★ Exorsus Raid Tools (utility reasons)

★ Angry Assignments (utility reasons)

★ RCLootCouncil (used for distributing loot from BOE's or loot that other people want to trade)

Discord software is MANDATORY (make sure you joined our server, and you are Ranked there, ask for access, /w an Officer inGame) for every raid, so make sure you have the voice application installed before attending raids.

You should apply if:

★ You're looking for an active guild that solves problems proactively.

★ You want to enjoy the people you raid with.

★ You don't enjoy raging raid leaders and toxic environments.

★ You enjoy putting in hours outside of raid learning fights and watching videos.

★ You want to be surrounded by players who put in high effort.

★ You are internally motivated to actively improve your play.

★ You're tired of apathetic raiders.

★ You are fully present and focused when it comes to raid time.

★ You are sick of unfair loot distribution and nepotism.

★ You understand that your dps/hps output matters less than mechanical skill & consistency.

Contact us via B-net for additional information:

Guild Master - JohnnyofRC#2216

Raid Leader / Officer - Magrice#2152

Recruitment Officer - Rynerz#2304

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Quick Look

Guild Master: Repsifu

Officers: Ifreil, Kupacica, Magrice, Rhyzers

Sanctum of Domination
(H) World
(H) Region
(H) Realm
Mythic1/10 M5,7243,2961954,1312,420195
Heroic10/10 H2,8871,7151212,1881,326120
Normal10/10 N4,6722,6051493,3701,903149
Castle Nathria
(H) World
(H) Region
(H) Realm
Mythic6/10 M6,1213,6632444,4752,737244
Heroic10/10 H15,2478,65043710,4285,935436
Normal10/10 N29,96516,22459719,32210,559595
RealmID: 739
GuildID: 1556836

Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your guild for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

Last scanned 16 hours ago