3/8 M
8/8 H
Cleared Heroic before the release of the next raid tier.
(Earned 4th Raid Week)
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Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your guild for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

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About Aphelion

++Welcome to Aphelion!++ We're a 2 day Mythic Raiding guild on Twisting Nether-EU. We pride ourselves on our wholesome community of members, many of which have played WoW and other games together for many years. We maintain an active community both in game and via our Discord server, this is where you'll usually find our members hanging out and playing various games or doing various types of content. At the end of the day, we're just a bunch of gamers on the internet trying to have some fun and achieve some cool stuff together, if that's your thing, read on.


++Castle Nathria Update (as of 22/02/2021)++ We've had a slow start to the tier due to many factors, including not having a Raid Leader for the first 3 weeks of the tier. Despite this, we are currently 5/10 Mythic and making progress on Artificer Xy'mox. The guild and raid team is now under it's original leadership and we are looking for a few highly skilled players to help us finish well in Castle Nathria. Please see the classes we are recruiting for - we will always look at applications from very good players regardless of class or role.


Currently recruiting exceptional ranged DPS


++Raid days and times++ Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 ST Monday - 20:00-23:00 ST Invites will go out 15 minutes before the raid begins so that we are ready to pull the boss on the hour. Sunday will also be a mandatory raid day for the first 3 weeks of a raiding tier, and the final 3 weeks if we are tight on time.


++What we can offer you++ We pride ourselves on being a 2 night per week Mythic raiding guild that can achieve decent progress. Many of our guild are aged in their 20s-40s and hold down full time jobs and families in their personal lives. We enjoy hanging out on discord and having a laugh, but we're here to progress and kill bosses, so when the timer hits 0 the memes stop and we concentrate on the task at hand. If you are out for yourself, wanting to guild climb, aren't willing to put the effort in, or have a big ego - you will not fit in here.


++What we want from you++

  • Maintain your character to an acceptable level. We don't require you to play the meta class or play alts, so you need to make what you bring to the table count, or you'll soon find yourself on the bench.
  • Do your own research to supplement our boss strategies/tactics, and know what your Spec/Class/Role can offer a fight.
  • Faith in strategies chosen by leadership. Small changes can be made but generally we stick with a strat, so learn it and learn it well.
  • Bring all current consumables to raids. Don't rely on the longboi outside the raid entrance to cover yourself, be prepared.
  • Maintain a minimum of 90% attendance when it comes to raiding. Trials will be required to attend 100% of raids during their 3 week trial period.
  • Be in the raid instance and ready to clear trash 15 minutes prior to the raid starting time.


We have a zero tolerance policy towards toxicity and elitism of any sort.


To apply, please visit this link and fill out our form: https://apply.wowaudit.com/eu/twisting-nether/aphelion/main


Vestaxe - Guild Master/Raid Leader: Vestaxe#2968 Fanerais - Raid Assist: Chris#210577 Krym - Social Officer: Tobi#21951

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Quick Look

Guild Master: Vestaxe

Officers: Fanerais, Illidóng, Krymmel, Scoogie, Wiingssham

Raid Progression

Vault of the Incarnates
(H) World
(H) Region
(H) Realm
Mythic3/8 M1,617942901,28078589
Heroic8/8 H1,381770791,10264979
Normal8/8 N1,764958861,35477085
RealmID: 739
GroupID: 533612
GuildID: 398790

Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your guild for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

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