5/8 M
8/8 H
Cleared Heroic before the release of the next raid tier.
(Earned 3rd Raid Week)
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Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your guild for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

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About Tokidoki

++**Please apply at:**++

++We do not accept anyone to trial with us unless they have taken the time and effort to make a meaningful application to us, thank you!++

こんにちは, お久しぶりですね。


Welcome back to Tokidoki; reforged and rekindled from the everlasting memories of laughter, community and achievement. We are now based on Silvermoon and welcome you to join us! Here's to new beginnings.

Tokidoki is a mythic raiding guild which has seen success in many raid tiers in gaining multiple Cutting Edge raid achievements from MoP to Legion inclusive. We are now a 2 day a week raiding guild run by the very same multi Cutting Edge mythic raiders, who no longer have the time to commit to a busier raiding schedule(more than 3 days). Our quirky and skilled team is proud to have stuck together throughout all and aim to continue to achieve great things in the same way that we enjoyed success over our lengthy existence.

If you enjoy playing this game competitively and striving to be the best that you can be, pushing for mythic raid progress, being part of a community with personality, m+ key running and pushing, whilst also playing with likeminded people who like to achieve and take part in content together then please read on!

The Tokidoki community has a strong core and a home that many have enjoyed for years, having stayed together for a reason, out of the ashes of older things and a home that we have all assembled to believe in for a reason. With a fantastic officer team, a wealth of experience and personalities, we aim to provide you with an enjoyable home that will remain yours for time to come.

Because of this, we are currently building on what exists, providing a fun, competitive and enjoyable space for those of us who would still like to enjoy the game that apparently owns our souls, in a manner in which we can commit and do so in a stress free environment.

Our raid days and times:

Thursday 8pm - 11pm server time

Monday 8pm - 11pm server time

We sometimes have an optional raid for our main raiders and trials on flexible content (HC or normal depending on where we are in the tier) on Sunday evenings.

General mythic raider expectations:

-Bring a positive and fun attitude, the ability to understand and contribute appropriately to the raid and team. We do not tolerate or accept drama creators, toxic personalities or people without a team mentality.

-Ability to use Discord with a working mic, and to communicate with it.

-Gear prepared and set up appropriately, knowledge of your class and specs ready for each fight, time and effort spent on being ready for each raid. Consumables also brought in order to help make it a team effort in achieving our boss kills.

-Honesty and reliability - we ask that you are able to commit to the raid schedule or let us know in advance if you cannot attend - we do understand that you may have other situations that mean you miss a raid, but being able to let us know means that we can work around the situation instead of letting the rest of the team down.

-Have knowledge of the boss fights and be prepared to wipe. Progress raiding can be challenging and frustrating even at times, but having the endurance and stamina to undertake this means we will succeed.

-Having respect for the time that we use for our raids - as a two day raiding guild we cannot afford to waste time. We understand that issues can sometimes occur IRL but ask that you respect that we need to use time wisely and carefully. We do not expect to wait for people who go afk often and we provide adequate breaks in our raid time to accomodate for our team.

Any questions or if you’d like to chat more, please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and reading your application which you can send at









We also have a growing community of high rio m+ players who are always looking for more for group key runs!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

ありがとうございました, 後でまた話しましょう。

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Raid Progression

Vault of the Incarnates
(A) World
(A) Region
(A) Realm
Mythic5/8 M877537161758316
Heroic8/8 H902537171838617
Normal8/8 N674390111396211
RealmID: 704
GroupID: 1643484
GuildID: 1662347

Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your guild for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

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