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Exorsus: An Exalted Raiding History Comes to an End

Top guild Exorsus is significantly cutting down on their raiding days, effectively retiring from the Race to World First, and we take a look at their announcement and a trip through their history.

Gamebreaker: Interview with Rextroy

We have a chat with the pre-eminent creative mechanics user, solo artist and PvP 1-shot master Rextroy, as he tells us about how he got his start, why he took a break, and much more!

World First Mythic+ 27 Completed!

Another milestone has fallen in Mythic+, as a Mythic +27 has been cleared in Plaguefall!

The Bloodlust.IO Mythic+ Tournament Returns!

The Bloodlust.IO Mythic+ tournament returns in the Shadowlands!

Mists of Tirna Scithe +17 Solo Clear in 6.5 Hours

A Blood DK has taken down Mists of Tirna Scithe on their own, taking around 6 and a half hours to do so and we get to see it all in 6 minutes!

A Crazy Week of Mythic+: The Impact of Valor Points

The first week of the patch and the Valor Point system has been very hectic, so we're taking a look at everything that happened and how it impacted the Mythic+ scene.

Limitations on Cross-Realm Mythic Raids: Are They Necessary?

Today, we take a look at the limitations of the Hall of Fame (HOF) system. Chris, a long-time leader of a cross-realm Mythic raid group, shares his thoughts on the impact of the HOF timing for Castle Nathria and previous raid tiers.

Player Perspective: Seliathan's In-Depth Look at Valor Points and Loot Systems

Top Mythic+ player Seliathan takes us through an in-depth look at issues with the new Valor Point system in the context of Mythic+ gearing and other current loot systems.

Updated: Big Changes to Your First Weekly Keystone Coming in Patch 9.0.5

The 9.0.5 patch notes detail some significant changes to how the first weekly keystone players receive will work.

World First Mythic+ 26 Completed by Chinese Team, Video Included!

Chinese team consisting of Raincloudy, 杰克丶, Himelody, Starsfireman, and 最靓蘑菇头 have just timed the World First +26 shortly after their World First +25 two and a half weeks ago!

Raid and Dungeon BlizzConline Highlights

Quick look at some of the BlizzConline news highlights pertaining to raiding, dungeons, and Mythic+!

World First Mythic+ 25 Completed by Chinese Team!

The Mythic+ 25 barrier is down with another best for Shadowlands Season 1!

Recent Dungeon and Raid Tuning Changes Highlights and Analysis

Quick look at the recent batch of raid and dungeon tunings

New Banner, Same Excellence: Interview with Echo on the RWF

Echo talk about their biggest takeaways from this first raid and what to improve in the future, as well as their entire Castle Nathria experience.

World First Mythic +23 Cleared by Chinese Team

The World First Mythic +23 has been cleared in the Halls of Atonement by a Chinese team!

Interview with Complexity-Limit: Back-to-Back RWF Champions

Complexity-Limit raiders discuss the raid, bosses, a global release, the unbelievably close moments in the race and more in our big post- Castle Nathria RWF interview.

Covenant Representation in Mythic Castle Nathria

We take a look at the numbers for Covenant representation on each boss of the Mythic raid.

RWF: How "Secret Strats" Are Making a Resurgence in Castle Nathria

With Complexity-Limit's surprise off-stream boss kill followed by a delayed release of the vod, have the old-school ways of secret strats made a brief return in the Castle Nathria RWF?

Meaningful Choices: RWF Preparations

The RWF is almost upon us and so we checked in with three top guilds to find out how their preparations have been going and what the impact of Covenants, Conduits and similar systems has been so far.

Legendary Items in the Nathria RWF: Complexity Limit, Pieces and BDGG Discuss

We talk to three top guilds about the effects of legendary items on the RWF, how certain decision will be made in relation to them, how high their importance is and more.