Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am: The Talent!

We are less than one week away from the first ever Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am Tournament! We here at Tournament HQ are working hard to bring you an exciting and unique twist on Mythic+ competition, and we hope you join us on May 15th on the Complexity Twitch channel to help support some amazing charities. The event starts at 9am PST/6pm CEST, so don't be late!

Last week we introduced you to the players on each team, but this week we’re showcasing our amazing broadcaster talent! We are lucky enough to have a broadcast desk full of household names for this event, with some of the best in the Mythic+ business coming out to be a part of the Pro-Am. Without further ado, here they are, the Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am Talent!

Our Incredible Host

Gillian “Eiya” Long is an Esports Sideline Reporter and Host, a producer, and a content creator. She graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism. She has been gaming since she was 9 years old, starting with Unreal Tournament. Eiya began her career in WoW Esports in 2016 working behind the scenes. In 2020 she started working full time in front of the camera and now spends her days getting paid to talk about people playing a video game who could probably 1v1 her while blindfolded. A note from Eiya: "everyone below me is significantly more creative with their bios than me."

The Magnificent Broadcasters

Psybearslat (Caster and Host)
Hey my name is Psy, but my friends don't call me at all. I'm 27, I'm from England and I've played WoW since Vanilla. I'm not the best Feral Druid in the world. I'm not the best Survival Hunter in the world. In fact I'm not really the best at anything and have never achieved much in World of Warcraft and yet I'm HERE. See kids, anything in life is possible. My good friend Johnnyonelung likes to say "Psy you fail upwards" and that means a lot to me <3. I'm a full time streamer and try to focus a lot on having a good time with my community in pushing Mythic+ as best I can. Believe it or not I just enjoy having fun in a 16 year old video game designed for kids. Being invited to cast an event such as this one is a great honour and I cannot wait to dive into the action with some of the incredible players we've assembled and all for some great causes.

Dratnos is one of the world's greatest WoW gamers. When encounters go wrong, he can complete the 10-second Hearthstone channel in just 8.5 seconds. He is a master World Quester, and can complete the flight school quest without falling through one of the flowers a solid 50% of the time. He has always been able to find an upgrade before running out of durability on any of his items. When Dratnos opens his achievements window it causes worldwide lag. He has completed the Kyrian campaign 5 times and only cried during the Redridge Mountains bit 4 times.

There are many things one could say about Meeix. She's systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic: she's an unabashed PvE no-lifer. Starting as a young and innocent holy priest one-trick, she recently developed her more savage side and is roaming Mythic Raiding and Mythic+ as DPS on DK and DH. Coming from a small village in Germany that has less interesting things in it than an Iowa Denny's, she brings cheesy jokes and an abundance of cat pictures she shares like a (rightfully) proud mother.

Help. I need Theater of Pain and Plaguefall keys for trinkets from each dungeon. Help. I am still the only person playing World of Warcraft 8 months into this patch. Help. Also known World Record holder for fastest feign death on Ko'ragh's frozen orb mechanic while playing an alt hunter.

Darkmech is the world’s greatest Blood DK, Content Creator, Leader of BDGG, World Champion Shoey Slammer and Hype Caster. It's worth noting he doesn't respond to peer pressure to prove any of this though. Darkmech also played in Vanilla, have you heard? In the real world Mech refers to himself in the third person and works for emergency services taking calls and operating radio dispatch for the police. He also has 2 rad daughters and a wife that puts up with him. #Winning

Hello there! I´m Chris 'Lythi' Körner, currently living in Berlin and I have been playing WoW since its early release! Between Priest, Paladin and Warrior I can never quite decide on a class to play or actually stick to one. So nowadays, I put on a fancy shirt and talk about high level gameplay instead of doing it myself! Between intense MDI action, high stakes AWC matches, world first boss kills and some really horrible puns, I´ve felt right at home with WoW Esports for the past 2.5 years. I can't wait to see what plays the teams will pull off this weekend!