Bloodlust Mythic Tournament Announcement is happy to announce the first edition of the "Bloodlust Mythic Tournament", a Mythic+ Spanish speaking championship with Blizzard support and access to the Tournament Realm! This championship aims to find the best Mythic+ Spanish speaking team of Battle for Azeroth.

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  • 8 teams
  • Teams will face off in a single-elimination tournament with best-of-3 series (best-of-5 for Finals)
  • Brackets: Quarter-final, Semi-final, Third-Fourth place, and Final.
  • Qualification for the tournament: Invitational and considering the Raider.IO score
  • Awards: to deal with sponsors and contributions through crowdfunding


  • Start of registration: August 15
  • Deadline for registration: August 31.
  • Tournament realm access: To be determined
  • Tournament date: 17 and 18 September


  • The broadcast of the tournament will be in charge of and therefore no retransmission will be possible parallel to that of the tournament.
  • The two days of broadcasting will be conducted as a Stream of solidarity for a charitable cause.
  • Before the championship, there will be several events where teams and players will be interviewed.
  • During the championship, a show match will be played with known streamers from the community.
  • It will be broadcast on Twitch on:


  • All teams must contain at least 4 members from Spain.
  • The Dungeon pool will be the 12 dungeons currently available in Battle for Azeroth.
  • Each team will have 1 Dungeon ban/removal: Each team will ban a dungeon from a pool of 5 previously selected dungeons with predetermined affixes (as in the MDI)
  • Cannot have duplicate specs on the same team (you can have 2 DKs on a team, but they both cannot both be Unholy or Frost)
  • During the tournament, teams must communicate by voice in a TS3 (TeamSpeak) server that the organization will provide.
  • At least 2 team members must broadcast the game through tool requested by the organization.
  • To avoid slowing down the tournament, players must have their character ready with their macros, equipment, and everything that they would need before they start.
  • Teams will have a maximum of 15 minutes to enter the competition and 15 more minutes to modify characters, talents, corruptions, etc, between dungeons. If the available time is used up without being ready, the dungeon will count as a defeat.
  • The names of the different characters used during the tournament by the same player must have similar names. Example: Manolo and Manolodk.
  • For technical reasons, in case of sudden disconnection of any of the players during a game, it will not be possible to paralyze the tournament and the team will have to face the rest of the dungeon with one player less. In the case of both teams having generalized connection issues, the encounter will be repeated when the problem is fixed.
  • Teams can count on a sixth substitute player to make changes between series. (During quarters, semis, etc, the substitute player must be ready with their characters to enter if required.)
  • The matches will be drawn completely at random before the tournament.
  • Players will be invited to the matchmaking drawing to comment on the tournament and interview them voluntarily, all participation is welcome.