Mythic+ Keystone Builders Season 3 Registration

This is a community organized mythic plus tournament that focuses on keystone completion and timing through the ability to complete lower keys rather than high-end keystones.

About the Event

The Mythic+ Keystone Builders Tournament is a community-organized tournament that focuses on keystone completion and timing through the ability to speedrun lower keys in addition to higher keys. Teams will complete by 'building' one keystone from a +2 as high as possible within the allotted timeframe to earn the most points. Points are earned based on performance in the key (+1/+2/+3), the level of the key, and the number of keys that they are able to complete.


Tournament participation is limited to individuals with accounts in Good Standing at the start of the Offline Bracket. Per Blizzard Ent., an account is considered to be in “Good Standing” if there are no records of an account suspension greater than 14 days or an account ban during the Tournament and during the six (6) months preceding the commencement of the Tournament.

General Information & Rules


The qualification stage of the Mythic+ Keystone Builders Tournament will take place off-broadcast on the below dates.
Event Start: Apr 17 2023 16:00 UTC UPDATED: Apr 19 2023 16:00 UTC
Event End: Apr 22 2023 16:00 UTC UPDATED: Apr 23 2023 16:00 UTC
  • All dungeons run during this stage will take place on live servers.
  • The qualification stage of the tournament will require each team to submit one keystone building run, with a total time of 3 hours. To complete this, the team will need to start with a +2 keystone and complete the consecutive keys within the 3 hour timeframe.
  • If a run is started before the 3 hour limit ends, competitors are allowed to finish the run but may not start any new dungeons.
  • At least two competitors per team will be required to either stream or provide a VOD of the entire duration of a keystone being built.
  • Your Blizzard and Discord accounts must be synced to your Raider.IO profile.
  • The competitor streaming is required to be the keyholder of each group, and must show the keys being placed into the holder for each run.


The Top 8 ranking teams from the qualification stage will be invited to compete live on broadcast in the Finals!


For the full tournament ruleset, visit the tournament page here: Tournament Rules. For more information or any questions, join the Mythic+ Keystone Builders Discord!
Registration for the Mythic+ Keystone Builders 2023 Event has closed.