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Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your guild for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

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About Disorder

Guild Information US Turalyon

Progression:Heroic & Mythic level Semi-Hardcore Raiding 5/8M Raid Nights: T/Th 8-11 EST Current needs Actively recruiting 1-2 DPS to round out our mythic roster skill/fit/attendance being our most important factors. Highly interested in ranged of various classes! Outstanding Applicants for all roles will be considered. High attendance is a must! Contact: Apoptøsis#1118 (bnet) or Apop#0685 (discord) Applicationhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSetvJO-VRmQI7PQ-AOUln71D-y8XLUhh3TD6DIP4fpfYaEcvA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Looking to add 2 exceptional DPS to integrate and stick with the guild for tiers to come! Will consider any ranged with ability and fit being main factors!

About us

Disorder is an adult heroic/mythic raiding guild on US Turalyon. Our leadership and core is comprised of experienced mythic raiders looking to build on a successful history of progression. We seek to provide a fun but efficient and skilled raid environment that will bring out the best in our raiders. Our vision is to create and lead a guild dedicated to the maintenance of skilled progression while sticking to a reasonable/flexible raiding schedule.

We provide a laid back but also efficient raid environment. We are working adults and treat one another with respect. We take progression and raiding seriously, but we strive to maintain wow/life balance with a positive environment. Wow should be fun, but we expect people to pull their weight and maintain their performance and characters outside of raid! We strive to maintain a calm and collected raiding environment and respectful tone throughout our raids. We understand that the strength of our team is collective, and depends on PREPARATION AND TEAMWORK. If you care more about your individual performance than the raid you can stop here.

We believe constructive criticism and possessing a strong desire to improve to be foundational to building a strong raid team. We expect our raiders to build strong raid and class mechanics. This includes knowing the encounter/class inside and out and always looking to improve and knowing how they can benefit the raid team.

Our Expectations

370 ilvl/30+HOA Excellent attendance 90% or higher A good understanding of class knowledge/mechanics Teamcentric mentality. Willingness to do mechanics, play different roles, sit if needed, whatever the raid needs.

Mythic +

The advent of Mythic+ in legion has created an entirely new class of PVE progression content that we wholeheartedly embrace! Many members of our community are highly interested in mythic+ progression on off raiding nights. We highly encourage our members to participate and push keys as high as possible! We have many members at 1000+ scores and only looking to push higher! Mythic + is a great way to build community and synergy among members and we hope that you will participate with us as we create a vibrant mythic+ community in BFA.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we would love to hear from you! contact Apoptøsis#1118 (bnet) or Apop#0685 (discord) for additional information or use the application above.

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Quick Look

Guild Master:

Battle of Dazar'alor
(H) World
(H) Region
(H) Realm
Mythic1/9 M11,8864,858447,3292,98936
Heroic8/9 H13,9195,757648,0553,31949
Normal9/9 N1,785607111,1983989
Mythic5/8 M5,4392,05521
Heroic8/8 H8,1912,92830
RealmID: 472
GuildID: 864017

Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your guild for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

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