Bottoms Up

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About Bottoms Up
  • We are a CE-focused Guild with a strong community on Tichondrius
  • Goal: Finish this tier out (pushing for CE), CE 9.1
  • Times: T/TH 9PM-12AM EST
  • Past Achievements: CE in NYA

** As of 6/11, we have begun Sire Progression but am still open for applications and trials! Apply if you are interested! **

We are mostly a team of fresh CE raiders with a mix of veteran CE players.

What makes us different?

  • Culture. We're a pretty tight-knit team in and out of the game. I have no tolerance for racist/hate speech. We are accepting and respectful of people from all walks of life. I hold the guild to a higher social standard than most WoW guilds. Attitude + Respect + Mindset are very important to me.

Ask any of my newer guys; I encourage you to speak to anyone - I like to think we're here for similar reasons.

  • Commitment. Raiding here means developing your ability as a player. We are here to help enable our players to accomplish their goals in and out of the raid. We make each other better.

If you're the type of player who wants to stop by, do keys, make friends, and improve in good company, I encourage you to apply.

Always recruiting for the right attitude - actively recruiting for strong DPS players .

Raid Spots are earned - I hold my raiders accountable on their damage, performance, and gear.

I expect my raiders to be able to handle criticism honestly & to be driven when it comes to improvement - ideally in raid, I want to be tough, but fair.

If your willing to put in the work, I don't care for your spec. Feel free to apply.

Interested in Community Runs? Bottoms Up Heroic Raids & potentially Mythic Alt Raids are open to any and all willing to take feedback & improve that respect our rules. Come with the right mindset & prep, and I'd be more than happy to have you :)

  • Kunai

App -

Discord - Kunai #1952 (Preferred Method of Contact)

BNet - Kunai#11406

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Raid Progression

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RealmID: 468
GuildID: 1212993