Drunken Hope

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Nov 24 2022 09:24 UTC
6 days ago
About Drunken Hope

The members of <Drunken Hope> - Nordrassil US (A) are looking for new recruits to join our raid team and our guild.


We are laid back and casual raid team that makes consistent progress while putting real life first. We raid T&TH 7:30-10ish CT time.


Currently we are looking for more dps to join our ranks.


We are a progression team but willing help out if you are close to be ready to raid, we're willing to give everyone a shot to show what they've got.


Community is very important to us, and having patience and a good sense of humor is a big priority. As our name states we like to drink and have a good time while progressing through content, it's not required but it's highly encouraged! We welcome everyone!


If <Drunken Hope> sounds like a fit for you or if you have any questions please reach out to me Cookie#11589 on Bnet . On discord you can message me at Em#8256. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Raid Progression

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RealmID: 415
GuildID: 296562