Manlet Militia

3/10 H
Castle Nathria
5/10 N
Castle Nathria
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Guild is missing from the Blizzard API as of
Oct 1 2022 07:48 UTC
5 days ago
About Manlet Militia

What started as a naked gnome race event has become a lifestyle decision for <Manlet Militia>. Maybe when they are fully clothed they will update their guild profile.

Raid Progression

Castle Nathria
(H) World
(H) Region
(H) Realm
Heroic3/10 H38,67216,5261,31824,92110,4471,302
Normal5/10 N45,20219,6651,35928,51912,1571,350
RealmID: 264
GuildID: 1371925