Vetus Stulti

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Nov 28 2022 21:50 UTC
3 days ago
About Vetus Stulti

++Vetus Stulti++ is a friendly guild of mature, experienced players who are looking to grow their community. We got 10/10HC in a relaxed & enjoyable way & will continue to raid in 9.1 as a 'pushing' social group. Once we have SoD normal on farm we will also raid socially on a Wednesday & push heroic on Sundays. We welcome all adult players who enjoy the conversation as much as the fight :)

  • Progress raid - Sunday 20:00-23:00ST. We are now 8/10HC in the Castle & need solid, ranged dps to join us. Current progress raiders have cleared HC Ny'alotha & BoD in their previous guild, most having curved.
  • Social raids, mythic runs & casual events happen weekly. Social players looking to learn dungeon tactics or just chat are also very welcome to apply.

Contact the GM - Tankyjo - Quel'thalas in game or on Discord - jobale3#9626 for a chat if you'd like to join us!

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Raid Progression

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RealmID: 685
GuildID: 1521479