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About Sometimes Lucky

2 Nights (casual)


Who We Are: We are an ever-growing discord community of World of Warcraft players, with a current raiding roster of 16-18 players as well as many non-raiding friends. Our approach to raiding is straightforward; we set ourselves the minimum goal of getting Ahead of the Curve each tier, and then continue to push as much mythic as we have the stomach for. We have never come close to failing to achieve curve since the start of Legion, and our mythic success has varied from tier to tier. We welcome and include raiders of a variety of skill, bound by the shared agreement that everyone is working to improve themselves, from best to worst. As long as you are willing to work hard to improve, we will welcome you and help if we can. As a community, we maintain a light level of moderation, and the friendly, non-toxic nature of (most of) our players makes that possible. If you're chilled, we're chilled.


What We Are: I formed <Sometimes Lucky> at the start of Legion, around a core of friends of mine I'd made gaming. Since then many have come and gone, but the original idea behind the guild has never changed: to offer a relaxed, semi-casual PVE environment where newer players could feel safe to become better raiders, and more experienced players could still sink their teeth into some of the game's more challenging content without having to dedicate themselves to a more hardcore raid schedule. Personally, I consider the now more than two years to have been a success. Our guild is absolutely not for everyone. If you are extremely progression focused or have a tendency to get overly-frustrated in raids, then I would wholeheartedly recommend you not join. You wouldn't find it fun and there are much better guilds for you. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a more relaxed approach to raiding with a friendly group keen to improve together as players and overcome the content, then we may just have what you're looking for.


What We're Looking For: Because we have cleared heroic for the tier, we are currently looking to beef up our roster a little to make some more mythic progress. This means that while newer/undergeared players are still welcome to apply to join, it would be on the understanding that you would be looking to progress with us in a future raid tier. It sucks, but in the long term we have no intention of continuing to re-clear heroic every week when we have numbers for mythic, and that means we can't really gear people up. If you're looking to join and raid right now, you should have a comfortable amount of heroic experience and at least 400 ilvl. Presently, we are specifically only recruiting DPS.


Our Rank System: Leader - This is me. I run the guild, and have final say in decisions. Assistant - My incredibly valuable assistant team, without whom the guild would not function. Their BattleTags are listed below, next to mine. They help me run the guild, both in and out of raids. Raider - A member of our raid team, who will recieve calendar invites for and may attend all raids. Member - A non raiding member of the guild.


Specific Information: Raid Days: Thursday and Monday Mythic+ Day: Tuesday (Same as normal raid time) Raid Time: 20:00 - 23:00 CET/Server Time VOIP: Discord (Required, at least to listen) Bank Access: Liberal, encouraged for use by all. Alt Policy: As many as you like.


Contact: So, if you've read through that and you think you'd like to give us a go, then feel free to contact myself or one of my assistants at our BattleTags: Drdoalot#1487 Zjaakk#2534 Bengod333#2998 Shroomzz#2475 Kirb#2735 BabyJLU#2351


We'll get in contact, have a chat, and see where it goes!


Disclaimer: We are a very rules-loose and easy-going guild. The only reason we can function as a raiding guild is because everyone's willing to put in some effort to make it work; give a little here, take a little there. The most important attributes for our raiders are flexibility and patience. If you can't see that working out for you, then we may not be for you.

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Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your guild for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

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