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Dec 3 2022 23:09 UTC
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About Grey Log Gang

Exceptional applications regardless of class will be taken into consideration. Being able to play your offspecs and alts is a huge plus.

Grey Log Gang is a two day raiding guild located at Draenor EU. We formed this guild going into Shadowlands with the intention of clearing raids as fast as possible while not spending too much time in in the raid. Were a bunch of people who have a lot of fun together and enjoy the high end competitive side of wow raiding.

Raid times:

Wednesday 19:45 - 24:00 ST

Sunday 19:45 - 24:00 ST

Please not that a 3rd day is on the table within the first couple of weeks of mythic progression just to clear heroic as well. This day will be either Tuesday or Thursday.

What we can offer you: -High competitive standards -A relaxed and chill atmosphere with high focus. -A group of players striving towards the same team goals. -Cutting edge in a respectable time.

**If this sounds interesting to you please apply here --> **

For any further information you can contact our officers via discord:

-Callords#2955 (Lèdood, GM/recruitment) -Particle#2012 (Ben, Raid leader) -Magerlin#0389 (Lunar, Healing officer) -Gxray#6263 (Gary, Recruitment)

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Raid Progression

No raid progress found for expansion

RealmID: 579
GuildID: 1521509