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Dec 1 2022 11:25 UTC
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About Vex

Vex is a guild formed at the beginning of BFA by Cutting Edge players. The goal of Vex is to continue building a strong Mythic team on the Horde side to maintain our spot as the highest progressing and most active horde guild.


Run by players with Cutting Edge: Argus and players with significant Mythic raiding experience, Vex is looking for competent players with a strong desire to learn and improve whilst maintaining a positive attitude during and outside raid hours.


Mythic experience is preferred but not a requirement, guidance and support is available to the right candidate.




  • Uldir (1st Tier) #1 Horde, #6 Realm.

Currently Recruiting


  • Holy Paladin/Resto Shaman
  • Exceptional DPS

Vex raids three nights a week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (2000-2300 ST) with possible extensions if it is felt the team is close to a kill. The guild runs additional raid clears and actively partakes in Mythic+ to stay on top of gearing throughout BFA.


Vex is an active community of not just raiders but friends and as such welcomes social members.


If this interests you, please join our discord: and message an officer or add one of the following below:


Guild Master Luke - LukePyrah#2944


Officers Brett - Dacone#2722 Tayler - TaylerDust#2546 Jade - CvBlood#21509 Rakie - Rjakie#2232

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Raid Progression

No raid progress found for expansion

RealmID: 505
GuildID: 710602