(CN) Al'ar

Orc Demon Hunter Level 60

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About Rare

Rare died to the elevator boss, maybe they'll update their profile when they rez.

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Nothing to see here.

Mythic+ Progression

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Dungeon     FortifiedTyrannicalRatingBest TimeBest AffixesWorldRegion
Brackenhide HollowBHBrackenhide Hollow
Halls of InfusionHOIHalls of Infusion
Neltharion's LairNLNeltharion's Lair
The UnderrotUNDRThe Underrot
The Vortex PinnacleVPThe Vortex Pinnacle
Uldaman: Legacy of TyrULDUldaman: Legacy of Tyr
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RealmID: 2473
CharacterID: 53979383
Recent Timed Mythic+ Runs
No Recent Runs Detected